So, I did a thing this past March (2018). I purchased a box of Young Living Essential Oils.


Why Young Living? Why oils? Why am I sharing all of this now?


Here’s the deal: I have used essential oils in my life for many moons now. As I began my research – I was really impressed with Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise. And then I tried a bottle of their lavender. Not really a big deal, right? I mean it’s just a bottle of essential oil…Right?




First of all, if you haven’t tried Young Living oils. You haven’t tried essential oils. If you don’t believe me, email or pm me on Facebook so we can have a conversation about it and I’ll send you a sample. Their oils are magic in a bottle. It took me one month to balance my cycle, ease my cramps, go chemical free in my home, take back control over my health and give my skin a glow I didn’t think possible.⠀


And today, I’m going to be really honest with you, because I’m doing you a disservice by not sharing what changed my life. Everyone deserves the opportunity to decide for themselves what floats their boat and I wish I was told about this years ago.⠀


It’s the business side of things and I want to talk about how sharing authentically and from the heart can open doors for you. Behind those doors, there is abundance, community, purpose, wellness, and magic waiting to be lived.⠀


I’m a big dreamer you know, but even I didn’t dare to dream a dream as big as the reality I’m living right now. Want the real truth? At least half of the average week, I work from home – or at the lake, at a friends, or on the porch watching birds and butterflies. I work at home in the breeze, the warm smell of sun, and in the shade of oak and pine. I start and stop my workday whenever I want. I am calling it ”work” but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Cause ”work” these days means connecting with beautiful souls, doing reiki, tarot readings, and educating people on how oils can support us in our lives.⠀


With every month that goes by, my abundance grows. Our team grows. Our dreams grow. And my gratitude for this company, and the people who have jumped in with me grow. ⠀


I’m living pure joy. And I want the same for you.


Let’s talk




You’ve done your research and more than anything you’re ready to begin. EEEEeeeeeeee I am so excited for you and can’t wait to meet you.

Signing up with YL under my team is how you join.

Let’s cut to the deal, no BS. $160 gets you 11 premium oils + 1 diffuser. No strings attached. You can either use the 24% to buy your own oils cheaper or you can build the business. If you choose (or are at least a little curious) about the business side of things – don’t worry, I’ve got you and will walk you through each step.


Click HERE and follow these instructions to join our team and receive you member package.


  1. Choose “Member”– Click the button that says “Join our team”  and choose member this is how you get the starter kit and your 24% discount on any additional oil purchases. (Don’t click “retail” – this is important. No starter kits here, you pay more and you don’t enroll in the team.)
  2. Sponsor + Enroller
    In order to join The Oil Method Team your number for sponsor + enrollee should be 14719805. Double check that both numbers are filled in correctly before continuing. When asked if you want to get a personal or business account, always choose personal!
  3. Choose Premium Starter Kit.This includes the 11 oils we went over, plus your choice of a diffuser, and a bunch of samples and information to get you started!
  4. Essential Rewards! This is not required if you just want to buy oils, but it ROCKS and it’s a super fun and affordable way to start building your business.  You’ll earn money back on every order and tons of freebies! Ask me about the promos for this month to see what free oils you can earn with your starter kit.