ORACLE SESSIONS  | Card of the Day May 8, 2019

ORACLE SESSIONS  | Card of the Day
Teiwaz is ruled by the god Tyr, who sacrificed his hand to Fenrir the wolf for the good of his community. It is told that the Aesir (the gods of Asgard), afraid that Fenrir would destroy them, decided to bind the great wolf, but had to trick him to do so. The asked Fenrir to use his great strength to test some bonds for them, assuring they would let him go if he were unable to break them on his own. Fenrir was rightly suspicious. He asked, for insurance, that one of the gods place his hand in Fenrir’s mouth and said if the gods did not release him, that hand would be Fenrir’s.
Tyr, who knew the truth of the trap, also knew the cost of not binding the wolf for his community. The only god to offer himself for this challenge, he was bound to Fenrir and ultimately lost his hand.
Teiwaz refers to being honorable with ourselves and holding ourselves accountable and staying true to our word to be rewarded with that which we seek…
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