ORACLE SESSIONS Daily Forecast – February 24, 2019

Daily Forecast – February 24, 2019
3-Card Draw
Today is all about balance.
Living in the in-between and accessing our abundance and inherent worldly wealth while simultaneously focusing on Great Spirit, and wisdom. This is a day where inspiration can meet action in the most magical of ways. Be practical. Be loving. Be a good human. Hone your gifts and embrace your divinity. Stay curious. Walk on the Edge. Learn from others and share your wisdom. Be the teacher and the seeker. Above all else, HAVE FAITH. Believe in yourself. Believe in Great Spirit. Stay aligned between the two and see all of the planets and stars align in your favor. And remember – even destruction has its place. Sometimes we just have to let go, and let God. Sometimes people and things and situations that are not for our highest and greatest good – that are no longer serving us – need to be blessed and released to make room for more abundant goodness. All of life is in flux but also in balance. For there to be life, there must be death. For there to be a summer, there must be a winter. To have a spring, we need a fall. In order to experience gain, we must experience loss…
How is your heart being weighed against the feather?
1. Queen of Coins: (Traditional Card: Queen of Pentacles):
Keywords: Sensitive, nurture, abundance, manifestation, sensuous
Queen Sumptuous, the Queen of Coins, sits beneath an arch of branches, nurturing a coin in her arms. She pets her rabbit, Cherish, who personifies her gentle nature. The clear brook at her feet generates the flow of abundance and life force. With a protective and loving nature, she’s always willing to help others.
Trusting in your abilities will bring success and financial security. Seek practical solutions to business and family matters. Be protective of your good fortune and that of those you love. Using your sensibilities, you have the power to manifest a life of your own choosing.
Love of nature, intense involvement with the physical world. Happiness, physical security, possible wealth, though enjoyment is more central to the meaning of this card. Someone who loves life and is self-sufficient, who prefers nature to cities. Someone who bonds powerfully with others (while valuing their alone time) and deeply connects with the earth.
2. XIV – Temperance
Keywords: Connection, balance, blending, innovation, unity
Lady Temperance blends hot and cold, sun and moon, light and dark – combining the unconscious with the conscious into flourishing balance. An alchemist, she achieves equilibrium and guides cooperation by combining forces. Moderator between the outside and inner worlds, she carries masks of happiness and sadness, and her hair is a perfect balance of fire and water.
The resolution of conflict requires compromise and cooperation. The combination of opposites makes for the ideal mixture, and increases your adaptability to change. As an inward focused card – this is about integrity and alignment to create complete balance within your own sphere. This card speaks to the middle way to remain centered, balanced, and calm.
3. V – The Hierophant
Keywords: Education, tradition, wisdom, inspiration, philosophical
Reading rituals from a book-flower, Mentor is always in pursuit of knowledge. A spiritual adviser, the Hierophant is a wise teacher and keeper of esoteric knowledge. In the summoning of deeper understanding, bells are rung by accomplices on either side of him. Confident in his teachings, he lays the foundation for a belief system, drawing security and comfort from his roots. His experience gives him the wisdom needed to teach others well.
Gain wisdom by nurturing your spirit, and pass down the wisdom you’ve gained. With your good intentions and discipline, seek trustworthy advice from others who offer great knowledge. Devote yourself to a new life ritual or routing that compliments personal growth.
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