ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | April 7 – April 13, 2019

Weekly Forecast | April 7 – April 13, 2019
5-Card Draw
Which is comprised of darkness and shadow and often looks like madness and feels like death.
This week’s energies are all about going within, working with our shadows, healing, going inward and traversing the landscapes of your soul. This week, the focus is on you. Two different cards this week speak to self-discipline. Commitment to yourself to heal by any means necessary.
“We are days away from the full moon of Aries, the “wholly” day of Passover! Get ready to receive all the Light of freedom from limitations! Right now we are feeling more and more cosmic pressure, as we are counting down the first 12 days of Aries to help give us control over the coming 12 months of the year.
The week’s chart opens up with a spunky Scorpio rising, Mercury now direct, Neptune and Venus all still in Pisces, and a majority of planets in water signs. This is, indeed, a very emotional Aries beginning! No surprise there. Thankfully, the moon just entered calm Taurus and is a great help in keeping us all anchored.
The great lesson of the moment is realizing we become reactive regarding too many things in our lives. Sometimes, we get angry and cactus-like over very small things — a package that is delayed, a red light that takes forever to turn green, a slow driver in front of us, waiting in line at the supermarket, bumping into things along the way. This is the true “martial” law, as this month is ruled by implacable Mars.
So often, we allow our opponent to have control over us due to very insignificant things. Will it change our lives to wait one or two minutes at the store? Of course not! Actually, we might be saved by it. Who knows?! All the small and infuriating delays of our lives are designed to cleanse us of negative thoughts and behaviors. So truly, we are the winners in these annoying situations!
The good news is, this week we can download a better program to become calmer and much more “philosophical” about all the small inconveniences of daily life. And, boy, do we need that help!
Another interesting feature of this week is the Black Moon at zero degrees in Pisces, also known as the “dark side of the moon.” Traditionally, the Black Moon represents an opening to all doubts and klipot (or the barrier created by our negative actions.) It also describes a part of our personalities that are outside of our consciousness, buried deep in the subconscious realm of the psyche. The Black Moon points to past mistakes linked to our spiritual path forward. It questions our relationship with the Light, and our certainty that everything is in order, even if we cannot see it at first.
The positive qualities of Pisces are an ability to help others, and an open heart to compassion, willingness, and mercy. This cosmic window indicates our need to stop the victim consciousness, and regain simplicity and power! Now is the time for us to let go of our false belief systems and our superstitious ways, and step up to our true potential.
The negative side of the Black Moon in Pisces is also about toxic behaviors in our lives. This week (and hopefully forever!), we should avoid any gossip and walk away from all unclear situations. Solitude and withdrawal should also be avoided, as the Black Moon tends to separate us from others. Right now, what we need is to reconnect to ourselves, to others, to Source, and to review and renew our spiritual commitments until Passover, our cosmic window of freedom.” – Yael Yardeni
1. Seven of Arrows – Insecurity: (Traditional Card: Seven of Swords): Ungrounded fears and confusion lead to instability and panic, self-torture through guilt or delusion and the need to deal with fragmented or rejected aspects of personality (i.e. your shadow).
Some of our greatest fears and self-destructive drives are born of emotional insecurity or lack of self-discipline, crippling an individual’s ability to make timely decisions or responsible action. Sometimes, these dark, ungrounded fears are the product of panic or guilt planted by inappropriate parenting or the lack of ethical education. Unreasonable emotional expectations and feelings of abandonment can also fuel a lack of emotional stability and stable grounding in practical life. Finding one’s feet in this environment takes serious inner work and real self-appraisal to reveal the true nature of the undermining issue at the heart of your fear. We may not be able to change the past, but we can learn to evolve strategies from the lessons of life and apply them to future scenarios. This process may also involve forgiveness for past failures, either of other individuals, belief systems or, more importantly, oneself. Forgiveness of oneself is a vital healing mechanism to deal with self-inflicted wounds associated with the burdens of guilt and self-recrimination. Understanding and acknowledging the motivations behind past mistakes stimulates the process of establishing a secure and healthy emotional foundation from which new beginnings can arise.
Other Reading Points: Dynamic, exciting thinking; intellectual or conceptual breakthroughs, possibly spiritual. Intense communication – primarily with self.
2. King of Bows – Adder: (Traditional Card: King of Wands): Position on the Wheel: Moving away from Beltane (May 1st)
The Adder represents serpentine Earth energies, magical power, balance, and the healing arts. Serpents are also usually connected to the Divine Feminine.
Maturity, strength of resolve, energy and wisdom. The genius and individuality of the seeker is enhanced and rewarded at every turn. Your leadership is unchallenged, your path direct, your goals realized.
Other Reading Points: Adventure, daring, energetic, power. This can also be the card of travel.
3. Eight of Stones – Skill: (Traditional Card: Eight of Pentacles): There is an ability to utilize skill for the completion of labors of practical necessity as well as love. Sometimes, intense concentration and dedication are required.
Since human beings first walked the Earth, we have honed and practiced at our skills in all manner of practical and esoteric arts. We have the awareness and self-discipline to develop new skills to meet new challenges and have overcome nature’s most adverse and deadly conditions. Whether it was the life-saving and practical skills required to track and bring down sometimes dangerous game for food, or the growing and managing of crops for the good of the tribe or village, human beings have continually striven to invent new social frameworks, scientific or philosophical concepts and practical tools and equipment. Such discoveries require us to master new skills for the betterment of the tribe or society. This unique human ability requires patience, perseverance and, most of all, self-discipline. Acquiring a skill that involves imagination and artistic flair requires time spent learning and defining the nature of self-expression. The mastery of any skill requires you to call the Divine to bless the effort and energy expended in the process.
Other Reading Points: Stability, satisfaction, work continuing in a steady way. Cycles.
4. 12 The Mirror: (Traditional Card: The Hanged Man): Position on the Wheel: The Mirror is placed at the Autumn Equinox (Sept. 21st) at the gateway of the setting sun. The element is Water. The dark midnight sea lies before the soul that must make the journey to the mysterious island for healing.
In many traditions the initiator into hidden knowledge is a female figure that reveals insights and wisdom to those on a spiritual sojourn. In the ancient Arthurian cycles, this is Morgan, who takes Arthur on his journey into limbo and healing on the Isle of Avalon. The Lady of the Lake is another such primal figure who acts as a holder and guardian of the sword Excalibur and as an arbiter of Arthur’s actions. Both these archetypes represent the unconscious journey of the soul into deeper awareness and wisdom. No act of will can make the soul take this journey; it can only happen after much searching and questioning. It is also a precondition of this experience that some kind of wounding has taken place. It is through the pain and endurance of the wounding that wisdom comes, at which point the individual can cross the lake to the island of healing and protection. It is a natural state of surrender that allows the inner self to travel across the emotional sea to the otherworld.
*When I think of the Hanged Man – I think of Odin who tied himself to a tree for nine days and nights to gain the wisdom of the runes.
5. Four of Arrows – Rest: (Traditional Card: Four of Swords): Recharging after a period of stressful activity, work or emotional trauma – healing and integration.
In this stressful and demanding world, we sometimes forget that rest is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle and sleep a vital part of recuperation and the healing process. This primal mechanism is not just for the well-being of the body but the mind and imagination as well. Muscles need time to repair and rebuild after strenuous exertion, and the functions of the human psyche needs dreams and rest to aid in the process, bringing order to what sometimes seems the chaos and random machinations of daily life. Sometimes, inspiration and insight can also come through restful meditation and lucid dreaming. Welcome these insights joyfully and take note of what your subconscious is saying to you. One of the first human instincts when confronted with a survival situation in any wild environment is to find or build a shelter to provide protection from the elements and act as a safe place to rest and sleep in safety. Without the basic human security requirement, survivors often become disorientated, make poor decisions, and become unable to physically complete simple and necessary tasks, eventually losing hope. Rest and sleep are vital to restore stamina and vitality.
Other Reading Points: Rest, withdrawal, peacefulness. Logical, structured thinking. Healing. Mercy and grace replacing anger and blame. Allowing what we want to come versus chasing after it.
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