ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | August 11 – August 17, 2019

Weekly Forecast | August 11 – August 17, 2019
5-Card Draw

This aspect between Venus and Pluto can lead to an unbalanced desire for acceptance and approval that can cause us to overextend our efforts for others. Today, if you feel emotional stress and unbalanced energy, try to be more moderate in your contact with people. It is a good day to spend time alone. Use today to reflect upon and strengthen your relationship with your spirit and Great Creator. Engage with meditation, spiritual study, or a relaxing physical activity to help avoid emotional stress. Connecting to the light within will always be our solution to healing, protection, and gaining lasting fulfillment.

1. Knight of Swords: Dash, the charismatic Knight of Swords, conquers everything in his path and succeeds in all his ventures. Charging forward with a passion for truth, he holds his sword up proudly. Riding his spirited companion, Pep, he calls for immediate action with fearlessness in his heart. With forceful aim and careful thought, put ideas into action! Have confidence that they’ll come to fruition, regardless of any opposition. Analytical thinking combined with the creative force will yield success.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Valiance, righteousness, charisma, confidence, strategy.
2. Five of Swords: Squabble and Quarrel are always in conflict. After a battle, one wins the jewels, which she displays prominently on her sword. Yet, she isn’t as fulfilled as she thought she’d be, for the true event is the battle of the ego. They will eventually come to realize that victory and pride are not worth the cost of friendship. When a situation becomes too much to handle, step back and reflect on your motives. Rise above the situation with your pride and integrity intact. Reevaluate circumstances; there’s always room for new direction.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Intimidation, maliciousness, false sense of victimization.
3. Four of Coins: Always guarding her treasures, the redefined Madam Dominion is financially prosperous. Intent on staying in one spot in fear of losing what she has, she ponders what she might be missing out on. Focus on making the best of what you have by combining practicality with enjoyment. The universe supplies a flow of abundance, but when grasping too tightly to what you have and building walls, the flow of energies is blocked. By making sound choices, you attract prosperity into your life in a balance of spirit and matter.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Security, stability, prosperity, success, generosity.
4. Nine of Cups: Felicity radiates with an inner happiness that touches everyone around her. Singing their energetic songs of joy, nine of cups whirl around her. A garden of happiness grows from the crown of her head. The manifestation of true happiness begins with the mind. Resonating as one with the universe leads to the fulfilling knowingness that your life is a blessing. Savor the little things in the here and now, and experience for infinite beauty around you.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Happiness, confidence, health, triumph, abundance.
5. 0 The Fool: Jaunt spreads her wings as she leans forward to smell flower, unaware that she is close to the edge of a cliff. Her bat companion, Prudence, pulls her back from the monster-infested water below. A spider dangles from its web on her staff, a reminder that she’s in charge of weaving her own life. Venturing forth with a fresh start, Jaunt embodies the spirit of discovery. She believes in herself, knowing that her possibilities are endless. Trust your inner-voice to guide you to travel the road that is best for you. Operate from the essence of your true self, and use your energy wisely. Look beyond the horizon for opportunities. See the world with new eyes. Be inspired, and follow the magic that life has to offer.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Spontaneity, beginning, freedom, curiosity, intuition.
Conclusion: In so many ways, the energies this week are in conflict and contrast of each other. However, I take this to mean that this week is all about balance. As the pendulum swings, if we do not learn to right ourselves, ground, and center – we will find ourselves plummeted into the storms of chaos. While meditating on this week’s energies, Anubis came to me. He was a giant, a Nephilim, and I barely stood past his ankles. He sat on a mighty throne, embossed in carvings and precious jewels. His skin was a bluish indigo and in the shadows of the underworld, almost seemed black in places; though he seemed to be illuminated from the inside out. He tapped his staff on the floor of the cave and the sound echoed throughout. He stood, then, holding a mighty scale that was larger than most ships I’ve witnessed on the high sea. On one side was a large white feather; gilded along the edges in gold. He reached down and with one finger, tore through my chest and pulled out my heart. As he placed it on the scale, I felt myself doubt and became afraid. I began to weep. “See now,” his voice roared. “Your heart has been weighed against the feather and you have been found in balance. Fret not as all is as it’s supposed to be.” His voice boomed through the concave earth with a deep bass that rumbled stones all around. In one swift moment, my heart was returned to my chest. “Balance. Stay in that place and all will be well.”
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