ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | August 18 – August 24, 2019

Weekly Forecast | August 18 – August 24, 2019
5-Card Draw
1. XI Justice: The dependable Lady Justice stands for a true balance of the conscious and the subconscious mind. Weighing all sides with fairness and full awareness. Lady Justice stands for what is right and determines the best course of action with care. Her furry green companion named Creed stays by her side, displaying before her a golden set of balanced scales. A choice must be made in order for you to take a new direction in life. As all decisions influence the course of fate, give careful consideration by exploring different points of view. When examining choices, find a balance between your conscious and inner desires. By remaining honest in your actions and acting with integrity, fate will turn in your favor.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Truth, balance, fairness, equality, harmony.
2. Seven of Wands: With the power of conviction radiating from within, Beam bears the courage to remain true to his ambitions. The townsfolk do not approve of his creativity and uniqueness, but Beam refuses to back down. He strives to defend his dreams, no matter what others think. Stand your ground, and never surrender! Be a leader by going forth with fortitude, and defend that which you love. Be prepared to meet any challenges that come your way. Remain true to what you believe in and hold on to your unique vision.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Courage, integrity, persistence, victory, opposition.
3. Ten of Wands: Toil struggles to collect more wands than she may be able to handle at once. She makes great effort at balancing the bundle as she picks up the tenth wand with her tail. Toil has great willpower and aims to persevere, but her many wands could tumble at any time. Despite the daunting nature of the task, the en result is worth the hard work. Yet, if overwhelmed with an uphill struggle, show yourself kindness by refraining from too many commitments at once. You may need to relax and take a retreat. You’ll return to your tasks with restored energy and renewed focus.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Willpower, burden, difficulty, over-extension, retreat.
4. Ten of Cups: Performing a dance of happiness, Merry and Mirth open-heartedly enjoy life with gratitude. Seven cup-flowers hanging from the heavens and three spiraling up from the ground emit a powerful sense of harmony. Their heart’s laughter flows in an infinite stream as they share their joy with one another. With the blossoming of long-lasting happiness in love and spiritual matters, things are unfolding as they should be. Maintain your sense of fulfillment by sharing what you’ve learned with others.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Harmony, abundance, community, elation, achievement.
5. XIX The Sun: Drifting through the heavens on a sky-seahorse named Light, Flare carries a message of cosmic love and joy. His heart holds a flaming connection to the sun itself. With a childlike perspective, Flare’s intentions are pure and his energy is vibrant. The Sun, with its life-giving power and warmth, banishes the darkness so that you may see your path with clarity. The Sun’s energy will cleanse and energize your spirit, so carry the spirit of The Sun within, and carry it with confidence! Your inner strength radiates when you allow your highest qualities to shine.
Keywords & Other Reading Points: Enlightenment, energy, growth, vibrancy, bliss.
Conclusion: This week, we are being gifted the opportunity to grow. To surrender and to let go. The planetary positions are all there to help us move forward on our journey with deep healing and intentional focus. The cards this week speak of balance: living our dreams with laser -like focus while still finding the time to play, to honor our boundaries, to not take on too much, and fit in time for self-nurturing and self-care.
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