ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | July 7th – July 13th, 2019

Weekly Forecast | July 7th – July 13th, 2019
5-Card Draw

Today, Mercury is beginning its period of retrograde for the next few weeks. Currently, Mercury is in the sign of Leo. The combination of fiery Leo with the communication planet of Mercury in retrograde creates a challenging mix. Leo is a passionate sign. Passion and communication can be a great combination. Since Mercury is in a less favorable position, we have to be careful not to communicate with others motivated by our own anger and entitlement. Be careful of jumping to conclusions too quickly, signing any contracts, and committing to anything based on passion. Express your passion, instead, through creativity. Internalize your passion and release it through wonderful artistic mediums like painting, writing, or music. Revisit a forgotten unfinished project that could use a little more of your passion to complete. Passion to help improve the world and bring more Light to the lives of others is a wonderful and vital quality to possess. We just have to be careful to keep our passions channeled toward the benefit of ourselves, not only the benefit of ourselves.


Tuesday’s annual opposition between the Sun and Saturn can potentially be a point of low energy. The most important approach will be to remember that less is actually more. If we try to push too hard against what is blocking us, we might experience conflicts, disappointments, and frustrations. This is highlighted with any figures of authority. Saturn is a planet that is designed to push our buttons. It exposes our challenges and obstacles. Nothing comes easy when Saturn is involved. Since this aspect is more on the challenging side, we do not want to push against this force, or even push to pursue any progress on any level. There is a time and a season for everything in this world. We always need to understand there is a larger picture that we cannot always see. It is important to do our best, but not be set on a particular outcome – let go of those attachments. We may think we know what is best, but the Creator knows even better.


Although the week begins cosmically difficult, by Wednesday – with the trine between the Sun and Neptune, there is potential for an emotional relief! Both planets are in water signs, and this beautiful connection between them is allowing us to connect to our emotions in a positive sense. Understanding what we feel and allowing our intuition and deep emotions to guide us is within our reach. If we want to tap into this cosmic positive influence, make sure to take some alone time and meditate. Ask the universe for support and welcome any emotional reaction. Be open and flow with where your internal world is directing you. You can gain great clarity and strength from connecting to your emotions. Inside each of us, is a spark of the Creator. It contains the Light force where all wisdom, understanding, and the power of creation resides. Inside, we do have all the answers, we just need to be open to hearing them.


Thursday’s aspect between Mars and Uranus is signaling to us the need to apply restriction in all areas of our lives. The combination of these particular planets in this particularly challenging aspect can potentially be quite dangerous if we do not handle it correctly. The energy of the rebel planet Uranus creates shake-ups and unexpected changes. It joins together with Mars, the planet of wars. Mars has a strong desire to receive for the self alone and a competitive energy. Think twice, actually three times, before reacting to any upsetting situation. Take the time you need to chill out, relax, and balance yourself before speaking up, reacting, or acting in anyway. Uranus is in Taurus and it corresponds to our materialistic world. Be aware to not react to any unexpected changes that affect your finances or material possessions. A balance of head and heart must always be maintained in our lives. Thinking before we act allows for wisdom, and the Light, to be a part of our lives and decisions.


Friday, the moon is moving into Sagittarius, and trine with Mercury in Leo. The moon represents our internal and subconscious world, while Mercury connects to our mind. When both planets are aligned with a supportive aspect, we have a greater ability to connect to people in a more personal and meaningful way. Spend meaningful time with a friend, relative, life partner, or anyone who you cherish. It is an ideal opportunity to open up, engage in meaningful conversations, explore each other, and have fun together in any bonding activity.

“If you look closely at your happiest moments, you can be sure that there was someone there to enjoy them with you. That’s why we are here — to share the joy and Light with one another.” ~ Karen Berg, Simple Light


1. Ten of Bows – Responsibility: (Traditional Card: Ten of Wands): The challenge of dealing with responsibility brings a need for inner fortitude, stamina, and determination. The weight of the burden may be heavy and cumbersome but the task that has been handed to you may be vital for the greater good, not just for yourself but for your family and tribe.
Whether you volunteered for the task or it is thrust upon you by unforeseen circumstances, it is a time to accept responsibility. Do so with good humor and stoical resolve and welcome any daunting challenge with humility and enthusiasm. Although the timing may be unfortunate or inconvenient, the issues of dealing with responsibility are often a matter of simple self-confidence. The learning curve may be steep and appear insurmountable, but once the task is fully understood and the effort is expended, many valuable life-lessons can be learned. The effect of taking responsibility in your family or close tribal group can also have far-reaching effects beyond your personal sphere. By leading from the front and taking responsibility for any past failures or inappropriate actions, you disarm and neutralize self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy. It is an honor and a sign of respect that your peers trust you to complete this task and handle the responsibility, knowing you will fully commit to this quest until completion. This understanding should support and enhance both your sense of self-worth and self-respect.
2. Ace of Stones – The Foundation of Life: (Traditional Card: Ace of Pentacles): The most potent act of the mind is to conceive of an idea and manifest it into practical, material reality. This means being able to formulate and marshal your thoughts to bring about a real-world change, or transmutation of a wish, dream or desire, making it physically happen.
The concept of the material world as a solid, unchanging thing has evolved with our understanding of the cosmos. Human beings seem unique in their ability to interact with the material world and yet have a foot in the otherworld of the mind, imagination, and creative will. To be connected to the Earth and the power that resides there allows us to draw from this primal source and direct the power of our minds to create changes in our world. The concept that the realms of matter and the realms of the mind are totally separate and detached is now outmoded and verifiably untrue. The primal rock is decorated with ancient cup-and-ring markings to express the emergence of creation and the cycles of energies within the universal consciousness and the still and stable point from which to plan and empower your life, fulfilling your material dreams.
Keywords: Prosperity, abundance, finance, home as a sanctuary.

3. Ten of Arrows – Instruction: (Traditional Card: Ten of Swords):A person passes on skills, wisdom, and ancestral ways with love and tolerance. Instruction and communication are required between the generations to help use old skills in new ways.

As our young people absorb and apply ever more complex technologies with bewildering speed and uncanny ease, the gap between the generations appears to get wider every year. When we interact with the young today, we must make a conscious effort to pass on traditional wisdom and skills and make the relationship with those disciplines as vital as ever. With the coming of the industrial revolution, the traditional relationship between father and son broke down. Shared bonding experiences like hunting, fishing, and the tending of herds and fields were slowly eroded. Also, for girls, the ‘women’s mysteries’ have faded as traditional societal roles have evolved and changed and personal instructional relationships, even among women across the age gap, grow rarer. All generations lose out if the divide becomes too wide and skills, wisdom and arts are lost. Just as no child will ever forget the first fish he catches or the first touchdown she scores, coached and encouraged by grandpa, the pride in achievement and responsibility present in good parenting is anchored in the gift of instruction. We lose these gifts of shared experience and patience, taught through the interaction of instruction, at society’s peril.

Keywords: Ruin, despair, hysteria. Alternatively, revelations, construction, brilliance.

4. Six of Bows – Abundance: (Traditional Card: Six of Wands): A time to reap the benefits of summer abundance and to accept the rewards and blessings that are a result of endurance. By patiently attending to what you have sown, the blessings of the new growth will be bountiful and rich. We humbly share the plenty of the ripening year with those less fortunate than ourselves.
The Wheel turns and the time to enjoy the fruits and rewards of the summer season has arrived. Patience acknowledges the plentiful bounty which delivers the gifts and rewards for your efforts. Now is the time to allow this generous feeling of well-being to flow freely through and around you, and to enjoy the pleasures and sustenance these healing and revitalizing gifts can offer. Sometimes, after a period of stress and hard struggle, the process of healthy relaxation is vital to re-arm and re-energize the spirit in preparation for the challenges of the coming winter. The joy of sharing and gifting your own abundance with others is also a natural part of the process and brings its own inner peace and satisfaction. Your generous gifts to others will bring solace during the coming seasons and remind everyone that the Wheel continues to turn on its inevitable and stoical journey. Give thanks and accept the blessings of the changes that occur in life at this time. We share the bounty of the forest and commune with the WIldwood denizens in our everyday life.
Keywords: Passion, romance, shared enthusiasm. Abundance, confidence, optimism, the ability to inspire others.

5. 11 The Woodward: (Traditional Card: 11 Justice): The classical Tarot image of strength is a beautiful, mature woman controlling or holding a lion. The inherent balance of this image shows the calm beauty of patience and love countering the unbridled emotions of anger and hate. The Woodward, an ancient guardian of the Wildwood, symbolizes the inner power that comes from facing fear and understanding the nature of darkness. The inner strength that comes from this awareness gives the individual the emotional body language and the humility that says, “I am not a victim. Treat me with respect. Do not mistake my passivity for weakness.”

Within The Wildwood Tarot, the Woodward is a hunter whose prey is solutions to moments of crisis. He acts as an emotional backstop when fate, or the destructive energy in a situation, faces us with seemingly irrational or overwhelming disaster. When the individual is removed from a place of seeming security, they are stripped of the emotional baggage that holds them in a state of limbo. During this stripping away of illusionary power, individuals find within themselves their true inner strength. A person who has learned from the experience of the journey around the Wheel of the Year gains vital wisdom about the nature of patience and resolution.

However, neither of these qualities is enough on its own to give the spiritual hunter courage to forage in the wilderness again. A certain fierceness is needed. The hunter must be as strong or cunning as the creature they are tracking and as dedicated to their goal as the lioness is to protecting and feeding her cubs. This is not mindless, irrational aggression, but the tempered stoicism of a cool and resolute passion. The strength of the Woodward is both a balance and a dichotomy between the energy of the hunter or the guardian, and the grounded inspiration found within the ecstasy of drumming and war dancing. These energies honor the qualities that provide protection and inspiration.

Keywords: Self-examination, balance, motive, responsibility, balance, awareness, action.
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