ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | June 16th – June 22nd, 2019

Weekly Forecast | June 16th – June 22nd, 2019
5-Card Draw

We are now in full-blown lunar Gemini!

Let’s take a closer look at the cosmic environment these days…

The biggest surprise is the overwhelming dominance of the earth element. What’s going on? Are we back to square one? We expected to feel all light and fizzy in this airy month. Instead, we feel a real Saturnian heaviness weighing on our consciences. Imagine a big cosmic sandwich with many layers: Capricorn, Pluto in retrograde, charts rising, North Node of the moon, and Saturn in retrograde. Wow, what an intense combo! When it rains, it pours. Mercury is now in emotional Cancer, quincunx Jupiter, and in opposition to all the Capricorn planets for just an additional pinch of drama.

The moon’s placement is actually our salvation, as it is in optimistic Sagittarius right at the start of this week. The moon is perhaps the most important feature in a chart. It represents our internal universe, our deepest emotions, and the way we perceive, process, and receive all events in our lives. In Jung’s language, it is the “anima.” In a way, the placement of the moon in our chart represents the naked truth about who we really are within.

Positioned close to the moon, Jupiter injects us with a great dose of enthusiasm and a desire to conquer the whole world (eleventh house) and this is the great blessing of this week. However, Sagittarius is not always the greatest listener of the zodiac. We now get a better understanding of this week’s cosmic lesson. With the presence of so much earth, this whole week is one big exercise in common sense, of becoming factual and very grounded. In other words, we must be able to express and receive information solely based on events we can verify, rather than subjective feelings.

With Mars in emotional Cancer, all confrontations will leave us feeling insecure, edgy, or worse. Right now, we shouldn’t give any energy to these emotions. Chances are, we are just affected by the cosmic heaviness, not by actual facts! But, of course, Saturn‘s job is to accentuate the drama, the “doom and gloom” of life events. Since three planets are still in retrograde motion, it feels that the past is catching up with us and we must choose to stay in the moment with a greater dose of strength and certainty. Technically, the best course of action right now is to flow and stand up to the cosmic challenges.

The cosmic heaviness of this week will soon vanish, and more clarity will enter our lives.


1. Seven of Wands: With the power of conviction radiating from within, Beam bears the courage to remain true to his ambitions. The townsfolk do not approve of his creativity and uniqueness, but Beam refuses to back down. He strives to defend his dreams, no matter what others think. Stand your ground, and never surrender! Be a leader by going forth with fortitude, and defend that which you love. Be prepared to meet any challenges that come your way. Remain true to what you believe in and hold onto your unique vision.
Keywords: Courage, integrity, persistence, victory, opposition, energetic, creative.
2. Eight of Wands: Aiming high, the courageous astro-mouse, Nucleus, ventures across the galaxy with a take-charge energy that will break down all obstacles. One-eyed aliens, Zoom and Boom, help guide him in the right direction as he forges ahead with powerful determination. Shoot for the stars! With a burst of energy, you can clear away negativity and open up channels of communication, which will set things in motion. You’ll discover spontaneous possibilities for solving problems.
Keywords: Direction, boldness, activation, passion, acceleration.
3. Eight of Coins: (Traditional Card: Eight of Pentacles): Wearing a celestial cape of purple, a fox wizard, Magus, toils away at potion. He’s completely focused on his task at hand. The fruits of his labor, in the form of coins, hang from branches and decorate his hat. Through practice, his abilities have become exceptional. Put your energy toward building and utilizing your skills. You have a lot on your plate that needs to be accomplished. By committing yourself to the task at hand, the results will be better than imagined and will yield profit. Enthusiasm and dedication will get you noticed.
Keywords: Productivity, invention, skill, dedication, innovation, satisfaction.
4. Nine of Cups: Felicity radiates in an inner happiness that touches everyone around her. Singing their energetic songs of joy, nine cups whirl around her. A garden of happiness grows from the crown of her head. The manifestation of true happiness begins with the mind. Resonating as one with the universe leads to the fulfilling knowledge that your life is a blessing. Savor the little things in the here and now, and experience the infinite beauty all around you.
Keywords: Happiness, confidence, health, triumph, abundance, blessings.

5. II The High Priestess: Lifting the shrouds of her ghostly veil, the High Priestess, Enigma, is connected to the divine mysteries of nature. Seated upon the crescent moon of intuition, the twin cats, Delphic and Orphic, are the divine keepers of secrets. All that comes into creation must first pass through Enigma and her loyal watchers who stand on either side of her, Premonition and Perception. Lotus flowers of knowledge link her with unseen forces and the pomegranate taps into ancient knowledge. You have the power to access your higher, psychic self. Mysteries will reveal themselves to you. Guided by your intuition, choices and reactions are coming directly from your subconscious.

Keywords: Mystery, intuition, knowledge, spirituality, meditation, and dreams.
This week it’s all about fulfilling our dreams and bringing them into fruition – but in a practical way. This week we are asked to remain grounded, focused, and conscious of the power of presence – staying focused on the here and now. Continue in your passion and life will continue to unfold and unveil each and every path – each step of the way. Envision yourself walking down a long corridor and notice how each door opens in a progression, one after the other. You must face the task in each room before proceeding to the next and as you do, as you “level up,” new opportunities will be given – new doors will be unlocked and others will fling wide open with joy and the hint of destiny.
To quote a very wise Chinese philosopher, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past, if you are anxious, you are living in the future, if you are peaceful, you are living in the present.”
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