ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | June 2nd – June 8th, 2019

Weekly Forecast | June 2nd – June 8th, 2019
5-Card Draw

Gemini jitters prevent us from resting and relaxing, especially as we look into a future clouded with uncertainty. It is still over 6 months until the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but we are already dancing to this evolutionary planetary rhythm. June begins with an emotionally intense Venus-Pluto trine on June 2, leading into the thought-provoking Gemini New Moon on June 3. Although we may become more contemplative when Mercury enters receptive Cancer on June 4, Venus shifts into restless Gemini on June 8, reminding us that we’re not quite ready to let go of all the noise.

On Monday June 3, the Gemini New Moon opens an 8 week eclipse tunnel that brings 2020 right on to the event horizon and when we emerge, everything will have changed. Be aware that the seismic ripples are already reaching you from the July 1st Solar eclipse that hits Saturn/Pluto/South Node of Fate- eclipse impacts bringing change outside your control always manifest themselves 4 weeks before the actual date.

This New Moon plugs you directly into the Noosphere, Cloud or Source as hierophant Jupiter moves retrograde between the Galactic Centre and Great Attractor in Sagittarius square limitless far seeing Neptune. The Great Attractor at 14-17 Sagittarius and the Galactic Centre at 27-29 Sagittarius are two of the most powerful complex energy vortices in quantum astronomy and astrology. Both are conduits from the Noosphere: the Great Attractor known as the Wavelength of the Creator’s Voice and the Galactic Centre known as our Homing Signal from where new stars and radio waves are still being generated.

The Noosphere is not an abstraction but the universe of creative evolution – a living library, a collective brain, an Akashic Record acting as Karma / Free Will, a cosmic vacuum cleaner and a psychic transmitter. In June and beyond the great web of centaur, threshold and deep space planets contacting these points will spark a physical transfiguration, new connections, alignments, neurological pathways, bridges and sideways escalators from the past to the future via the present.

Upping the drama, the volatility and the intensity, Mars and Mercury are both out of bounds – out of control and in completely uncharted territory – and as Mercury enters Cancer aligning with the hyper-sensitive Wold Axis, with Chiron and disruptor Eris, a major mind/body realignment begins, lasting until September. To make sure you get the message loud and clear, in those months Mercury will turn retrograde making no fewer than 3 conjunctions with Mars.

Anger resurfaces when warrior Mars kicks up a storm on June 14-19, opposing authoritative Saturn and relentless Pluto. Ego-centered shouting matches can be distracting with vocal Mercury in the picture. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17 fills our dreams with hopes, even if disillusionment follows. The Sun’s entry into Cancer on June 21 marks the Summer Solstice and the beginning of a new season Although the self-protective Crab tends to draw our energy inward, a Venus-Jupiter opposition on Jun 23 encourages overindulgence. Speedy Mercury races into showy Leo on June 26, inviting us to express what’s in our hearts. The planets convey a wide range of ups and downs this month, but the activation of Saturn and Pluto continues to bring forth significant events that inspire deep thinking as we try to solve the complex problems of our times.

1. Knight of Swords: The Knight of Swords rushes into battle as the wind whips around him. He charges ahead, pushing past all those who get in his way. It is not malice or anger that propels him but pure momentum. The Knight of Swords brings youthful, enthusiastic energy to a job, which bring with tit the inspiration to create a pathway to success. This card may indicate a project you are excited about. There is swirling energy around you; you cannot be stopped! The Knight of Swords denotes a high potential and offers you the strength to complete a project, but it also brings a warning not to cut corners or make hasty decisions.
Keywords: Courage, swiftness, daring. Battle can be suggested, and whoever takes up this sword needs to make sure he or she fights for justice. The intellect at a pure level, ideas and principles. A swift mine, brilliant.
2. Knight of Pentacles: The Knight of Pentacles sits upon his workhorse ready to take on the next task. He has seen the Page’s dream of focused visualization; and now, through hard work and determination, he will set the vision into motion as it enters the path to fruition. The Knight of Pentacles is slow moving and methodical. He is a hard worker who will ensure that each task is completed successfully before starting a new one. The Knight of Pentacles may appear as a co-worker or business partner who will keep his word and as a result become instrumental in ensuring the success of a project.
Keywords: Hardworking, diligent, devoted to the task at hand, without need for outer rewards or glory. Cautious, not given to wildness or risk. Excited by what you know that is rock-solid, of the body rather than the mind. In the service of nature, without ego.
3. Queen of Swords: The Queen of Swords is one tough bird. She is confident, independent, and wise. Her quick wit, sharp intellect, and a clear vision of the future should look like have garnered the respect of all those around her. Flying above her throne is a crow symbolizing her ability to see the big picture. When the Queen of Swords pays a visit, it may indicate a time when a stern, well-calculated and sensible solution is required. She may also appear as a mentor or teacher who inspires the best work from her students. The Queen of Swords card denotes a time when an impartial view is required to make the best decision.
Keywords: Possibly sorrow, even widowhood, or some other difficulty that can leave someone alone, yet wise. Commitment to truth, both in thought and speech. You may not always like what she says, but you know she will not lie to you. Some people may see her as the image of the intellectual or the writer. The sword becomes the pen (mightier, after all), and the raised hand is her openness to new ideas. As Pallas, she can be remote yet brave and extremely loyal to her friends.
4. Five of Swords: The victorious crow holds the swords of those he defeated. On the surface, the victory may look positive, but in the end could lead to loneliness and despair. The Five of Swords, denotes a hard-fought battle that you won, but the cost may end up being higher than expected. It could be a loss of friendship at the expense of being right or a conflict that will leave you feeling isolated.
Keywords: Defeat, shame, and the need to release such states of mind. Warning against engaging in a battle with someone who may be too strong. Old ideas or prejudices giving way to new ways of thinking.
5. Ten of Wands: From a distance, the Ten of Wands didn’t appear so big to the crow. However, once committed to carrying the wands, the crow quickly questioned whether or not it make the right choice and if it is now unable to manage the task. Was the treasure worth the effort? This card is a message of caution; you may have taken on responsibilities that could prove to be a bigger burden than anticipated. The Ten of Wands may also reflect an inner strength that will assist you during a time of struggle.
Keywords: Feeling overburdened by responsibilities. In relationship readings, someone who makes an effort to keep the relationship going. Outside this frame of reference, it can be a card of new life and greater awareness of your actions and enthusiasms.
What an interesting (and intense) week ahead…
Stay inspired, focused, and committed but be mindful of the things you are committing too. There may be challenges this week as you spread your wings to rise. Many people are uncomfortable with change and will resist at all costs. On the flip side, you may need to evaluate what it is you are wanting to create. Be aware that as this week is the week of realization and passion – not everyone will be in your corner rooting for your success. Choose your battles wisely and be impeccable with your word. Say yes when you mean yes and say no when you mean no. This is not the week to allow your ego to run rampant, wild, and free. Reign it in or the affects could be devastating. This week is dedicated to finding balance and being open to hearing hard truths. Stay curious. Rigidity is the thief of joy and reaper of Spirit.

The Suit of Swords Tarot cards deal with the mental level of consciousness that is centered around the mind and the intellect. Swords mirror the quality of mind present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Swords are often double-edged and in this way the Suit of Swords symbolizes the fine balance between intellect and power and how these two elements can be used for good or evil. As such, the Swords must be balanced by spirit (Wands) and feeling (Cups) to have the most positive effect. The Suit of Swords is associated with the element of Air. Air is intangible and unseen, but also in constant movement. Air can be still and mostly unnoticed, to becoming a breeze or a fierce wind. It is powerful yet refreshing and cleansing. Symbolically, the air element relates to knowledge, action, power, and change. It is a masculine energy that can lead by force and power, even though it remains unseen.

Should a Tarot reading be predominantly Swords cards, you are seeking solutions to what are primarily mental struggles, conflict and arguments, and decisions that must be made. Also, there could be many arguments or even violence at present. While Swords can carry with them many negative or very strong, forceful messages, Swords serve also as a warning to be more cautious of what is occurring around you.
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