ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | June 30th – July 6th, 2019

Weekly Forecast | June 30th – July 6th, 2019
5-Card Draw
This week, we are entering a new time zone; lunar Cancer is approaching fast! Let’s see what’s in store for us.

This week’s chart opens up with relatively balanced features. The elements are represented pretty evenly, especially with the moon in Taurus. But don’t worry — we will download greater balance before the roller coaster and tsunami of Cancerian emotions arrives! Though, a few features will challenge us this week: many planets are a bit more shadowed than usual in addition to being in retrograde motion (the Black Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn are all retrograde.) As a result, it’s very important to avoid dramatizing, and ignore petty things. Many small annoyances are likely to occur in our lives this week; they sting until we roar!

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we achieve a higher state of balance: i.e. regulating our daily reactive system. This is indeed the final stretch for the month of Gemini — really understanding what Einstein meant when he said, “Everything is relative!”

The famous cosmic law of “cause and effect” is bolder this week. How much chaos can be created by our mini dramas? A lot! Correcting this in the future can be difficult. Sometimes families stop talking to each other for generations because a dish wasn’t cooked as well as it should have been. Much separation and judgment, especially toward our immediate surroundings, can, in fact, be generated by small dramas that snowball into much bigger dramas. And, of course, there is the world of energies. Our immediate surroundings have so much more influence in our lives than we think!

I recently stumbled upon a great article about how people’s auras affect others. We feel people’s energy very deeply and we respond to it. Sometimes, we have an aversion to new people without understanding logically why. Most of the time, there is a good karmic reason for it. Oftentimes, we simply feel very different from them or they’re just not an energetic match.

But the biggest lesson, this week, is about lightness and patience. We know that judgment leads to separation, and for us that is not an option! Plus, it’s never a coincidence that certain people are in our lives pushing all our buttons. We are in a spiritual gymnasium right now; let’s take advantage of it!

The final gift of this week is a fantastic opportunity to develop our ability to flow, and to dramatically change our responses to the little hiccups of life. Our job is to find strong inner balance and just lighten up!

Next week, the cosmos will throw much deeper stuff at us with the new lunar month of Cancer!

1. VIII Strength: It is not through brute force that this crow has achieved the challenging goal of taming the wild beast; it is because she has mastered her ability to connect with a higher frequency, channeling trust and respect. The positive energy she radiates enables the crow to balance confidently on the lion’s nose, not in conquest but out of mutual respect. The crow has learned how to remove her ego, quieting the hum of fear, allowing her to hear the inner guidance of her higher conscious. It is from this place she wields the true power of strength. The Strength card suggests you will have an experience that requires you to summon the power that comes only from exercising inner peace and freeing yourself from the influences of ego and fear.
* I particularly loved this as I have been working diligently with the energy in my life to create a sustainable inner peace to constantly keep my eyes open in awe and wonder at the beauty and magic of life! It is my greatest passion of all…
Keywords: Inner strength, inner peace, passion, virility, confidence.
2. Five of Wands: Five crows spar in the sky. Each crow brings with it a different color wand, symbolizing diverse histories, philosophies, and backgrounds. Although on the surface the conflict may look violent, the crows are competing in a cordial manner and not battling to the death. This card suggests that out of a friendly debate a good amount of progress moves a project forward. The Five of Wands may denote a meeting that brings various groups together to solve a single problem.
Keywords: Friendly competition, fiery possibilities, change, energy moving, growth, solution.

3. Four of Swords: The crow appears to be dead, but he is going to a place of complete inner calm so that he can refortify his mind and body. He has encountered several challenges and there may still be more to come. But before facing any more tasks, he needs to take a wellness break. The Four of Swords is a reminder to take time out to recharge your spirit and your mind. Find a quiet place where you can freely travel inward and absorb the energy of your higher self. This card indicates you will be able to resolve your situation from a place of clarity and compassion.

Keywords: Rest, withdrawal, meditation, peacefulness, healing, mercy, grace.
4. Two of Cups: The crows of the Two of Cups share the energy of water traveling between two cups and a divided heart. Between them is a caduceus symbolizing negotiation and partnership. The Two of Cups may represent a new romantic relationship. It may also foretell of a robust and confident business relationship. Together, the pair is balanced and equally satisfied, and share a unified vision. Similar to the Lovers, the Two of Cups denotes a karmic connection, although it does not necessarily mean a romantic one. 
Keywords: Relationships, a flow of energies, possibility.

5. Six of Wands: High atop a ladder of six wands, perched in the center of a laurel wreath, the crow bathes in the light of the sun symbolizing victory. The flock of crows below offers their respect and admiration. This crow comes to you as an acknowledgement of your hard work and brings an encouraging message. Not only will you find success in your future endeavors, you will also garner the respect and admiration of others.

Keywords: Passion, romance, enthusiasm, situations that are exciting and harmonious at the same time. Confidence and optimism, the ability to inspire others.
I absolutely LOVE this weeks spread! It’s all about personal growth, personal achievement, collaboration, inner peace, meditation, rest, and success – as well as influencing others for the greater good. This is the time to reap the rewards of all your hard work, dedication, and all of the inner healing you have done. This is the time to create magic all around you – and it all begins from within.
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📸 Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane – Shown is the 5 card spread
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