ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | June 9th – June 15th, 2019

Weekly Forecast | June 9th – June 15th, 2019
5-Card Draw

Let’s examine the state of the constellations this week!

The first significant event is a kind of universal “flood” — the world’s chart contains no less than six water planets and aspects! Three planets are already in emotional Cancer (Mars, Mercury, and the North Node), and the chart’s MC and wheel of fortune are in Scorpio. It’s been a while since so much water was present in the cosmos all at once!

In addition, the week begins with a moon in Leo, and a dynamic T-square involving the sun, Neptune, and Jupiter. Traditionally, T-squares are pressure cookers of energy, edginess, and stress. They symbolize facets of ourselves which are at odds with one another. Right now, the cosmos is challenging us to grow beyond our Neptunian comfort zone. Jupiter, the cosmic expander located in the twelfth house, challenges our lack of focus and pushes us to adopt a greater vision of a spiritual world. With this placement, we are encouraged to become more compassionate and comforting. It also gifts us with a stronger intuition. As the twelfth house is responsible for the collective subconscious, Jupiter will expand our metaphysical studies and will help us feel more protected.

This week is about opening our inner selves and expanding our capacity for learning. Jupiter is the blessing and the zodiac protector. This great position makes it easier to feel the Light within us, and others. Since Jupiter also squares Neptune, disillusions can arise, too. We need to stay grounded and set good boundaries, while still choosing to love and care for others.

Much of our baggage and doubts are closely related to past disappointments. But, of course, so many planets are in Cancer this week! Disappointment can only come accompanied by its soulmate: expectation! By uninviting expectations, we prevent its other half from entering our lives. This week ban all expectations! Instead, stay open. Stay curious. In short, there is no limit to expansion and growth.

This week, the North Node occupies a key position closely conjunct to Mars. Placed in Cancer, it allows us to learn how to forgive and release stuck energies from past disappointments. We will emerge brand new and ready to flourish, just like nature after a good rain!

1. Ace of Swords: Breaking through the clouds, Spirit thinks his way through all situations, remaining undaunted by setbacks. A cat named Truth helps him see through illusions. Peering through his telescope, he cuts away at old ways of thinking to make way for a greater vision. The dawn of a new idea brings forth innovative approaches for projects. Be clear and thoughtful about your intentions when beginning a new venture.
Keywords: Vision, achievement, logic, justice, fortitude, clear thought, spiritual truth, singleness of mind and purpose. We may be called upon to speak or act with justice.
2. II The High Priestess: Lifting the shrouds of her ghostly veil, the High Priestess, Enigma, is connected to the divine mysteries of nature. Seated upon the crescent moon of intuition, the twin cats, Delphic and Orphic, are the divine keepers of secrets. All that comes into creation must first pass through Enigma and her loyal watchers who stand on either side of her, Premonition and Perception. Lotus flowers of knowledge link her with unseen forces and the pomegranate taps into ancient knowledge. You have the power to access your higher, psychic self. Mysteries will reveal themselves to you. Guided by your intuition, choices and reactions are coming directly from your subconscious.
Keywords: Mystery, intuition, knowledge, spirituality, meditation, and dreams.
3. King of Swords: King Sagacity, the King of Swords, possess the wisdom and courage to obtain all his desires. His dove companion, Justice, helps him work against dishonesty. Firm, yet kind-hearted, he can be relied upon for solving even the most difficult dilemas. The king’s sword seeks to cut away that which doesn’t serve the highest good. A shift in perspective will enable you to see things with added logic and clarity. Align your focus, willpower, and intentions to move forward in synergy Listen well to those with more life experience than you for guidance and suggestions.
Keywords: Intellect, desire, a wise decision, logic, fairness, respect, power, command, and authority.
4. Seven of Coins: (Traditional Card: Seven of Pentacles): A pair of fairy-deer, Gratitude and Honor, planted a tiny seed and nurtured their tree through its stages of growth. Their seed has grown into a bountiful monument of beauty and grace. They gaze at their tree, contemplating the rewards of their hard work. As ideas grow, they develop, and the outcome can bring great bounty, giving a sense of purpose and accomplishment. In the midst of working towards your goals, enjoy the process by reconnecting with your original intent.
Keywords: Reward, recognition, contemplation, evaluation, perseverance, satisfaction, success.
5. Five of Cups: Mourning the three-day dying cup-flowers, Wistful forgets momentarily about the two vibrant cup-flowers in front of him. Glowing golden hearts to spiral upward, waiting for him to open his eyes to a new frame of mind. When a situation becomes bleak, there’s always hope that something can be rescued from what is left, and built upon to make it greater than it was. As new prospects arise, have faith that your needs can and will be met. Unrealistic expectations result in disappointment. Accept the past and move onward with new energy as you begin to reconnect with the magical side of life.
Keywords: Hope, solitude, disillusionment, disappointment, loss, perspective, gratitude, finding greater meaning in the struggles of life.
This week we are being asked to drop out of fantasy and move into logic. From this place of inspiration, with our feet firmly planted and grounded in, we have the ability to create magic and bring our dreams into fruition. Stay in a space of gratitude – KNOW with conviction it is happening and it is all working in your favor – without attachment to the final outcome. This week illusions are falling away as blessings are unfolding and blooming all around you. Move out of the way and allow Spirit to take the reigns. Get out of your head and follow the trail led by gut instincts and intuition – and those who have come to help guide you with their inherent wisdom. Stay curious and flow…
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