ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | March 17 – 23, 2019

Weekly Forecast | March 17 – 23, 2019
5-Card Draw
This week is all achieving our dreams and overcoming our fears and false illusions. It’s about creating the life we truly want – on solid foundation. It’s about making the right choices with correct action – which can only come from digging deep within ourselves. Cards 3 & 4 warn us that if we aren’t moving from an authentic space and really working creatively with logic and weighing our choices – along with acceptance, surrender, and deep healing – it’s all going to fall apart.
And guess what? We can release that archaic belief of “reward can only be achieved by working hard.” Let it be easy. Follow your passion and do the things you love – the things that light you up and bring fire and passion to your veins. Because believe it or not, that IS LIKELY YOUR SOUL PURPOSE. And when you align with your soul purpose – the magic in your life will transform you and make you rethink EVERYTHING you thought you once knew.
I’m also going to take a moment to speak about energetic alignment. We can only call in those things that we are an energetic match for. How do we uplevel and expand so that we can call in greater abundance into our lives? By healing by any means necessary. By staring our shadows and our demons straight in the eye and slaying and conquering the voices that like to keep us small. And by realizing EVERYTHING is energy – including financial abundance.
Now, having said that – the astrological energies this week are intense. It’s may feel something like white water rafting this week as the 3rd consecutive Super Full Moon of 2019 arrives right on the Aries Equinox on Wednesday 20th/Thursday 21st. Conjunct Shaman Chiron (The Wounded Healer – see my post from yesterday), it activates the hypersensitive World Axis, the Super Galactic Center and the Nodes of Fate. Unpredictable Uranus triggers Pluto and the Node of Fate while Mercury Retrograde conjuncts Neptune square Jupiter.
The seismic window is already open and extends into next weekend. What to expect: tidal surges; electromagnetic impact on your nervous system; powerful storms; earth movements such as volcanoes and earthquakes; a marked uptick in violence. Shadows and triggers abound. Engage with this energy in a constructive physical way – move your body with yoga, exercise, dance, walk, whatever you love; hydrate. Get your energy moving and grounded so you release the old to call in the new. This is also the time to be doing your gratitude practices, starting an abundance journal (so you can physically see what you have called into your life), and meditation. It all begins from within…
1. Ace of Cups: The Ace of Cups shows a chalice overflowing with five streams of water. The cup represents the vessel of your subconscious mind; the five streams are your five senses and the abundant emotion and intuition flowing from within you. The hand holding the cup is sliding out of the clouds, a symbol of your awareness of spiritual energy and influence. Below the hand is a vast sea covered with lotus blossoms, signifying the awakening of the human spirit. A dove descends towards the cup – a symbol of Divine love flowing through the subconscious mind to conscious awareness.
Reading Points: True heart, joy, contentment, abode, nourishment, abundance, fertility, holy table, felicity. Pure water energy, love, creative flow, spiritual healing, intuition. Emotional and spiritual nourishment. Love, new relationships, compassion, creativity.
Perfect as we are entering the Spring Equinox on March 20th. The seeds we have planted give way to a great bounty. This week is also very special to all kabbalists, since it is the much anticipated Full Moon of Lunar Adar (Pisces), the cosmic window of all miracles: PURIM! Full moons are renowned for their ability to channel a very powerful and concentrated energy on all of mankind, as well as nature. In fact, medieval kabbalists and healers would only collect certain plants during full moons, to ensure optimal potency.
2. Page of Wands: The Page of Wands shows a young man holding a long staff in both hands as he looks inquisitively at the green leaves sprouting from the top. His tunic is emblazoned with salamanders, a mythical creature associated with fire and transformation. The Page stands still, with his staff firmly planted on the ground, suggesting that while he is inspired by the potential growth represented by the sprouting staff, he has not yet taken action on this inspiration.
In the background, the landscape is barren and mountainous, implying that this Page has the gift of being able to find growth and potential in the most unlikely places. He is so energized by his ideas that he can make anything happen and isn’t limited by his circumstances.
Reading Points: Freshness, enthusiasm, a willingness to begin something. Exciting news. Passion. Alternatively, noble and selfless. From the Golden Dawn point of view, something real that comes out of fiery energy. Inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential, free spirit.
3. 16 The Tower: The Tower shows a tall tower perched on the top of a rocky mountain. Lightning strikes set the building alight, and two people leap from the windows, head first and arms outstretched. It is a scene of chaos and destruction.
The Tower itself is a solid structure, but because it has been built on shaky foundations, it only takes one bolt of lightning to bring it down. It represents ambitions and goals made on false premises.
The lightning represents a sudden surge of energy and insight that leads to a break-through or revelation. It enters via the top of the building and knocks off the crown, symbolizing energy flowing down from the Universe, through the crown chakra. The people are desperate to escape from the burning building, not knowing what awaits them as they fall. Around them are 22 flames, representing the 12 signs of the zodiac and 10 points of the Tree of Life, suggesting that even in times of disaster, there is always divine intervention.
Reading Points: Sudden change, massive or major upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening, misery, distress, ruin, adversity, calamity
Astrological Insights that Correlate by Chris Zydel:
“The planet Uranus has just moved into the sign of Taurus. Uranus is the planet that shakes everything up and DEMANDS radical, uncompromising change. It creates a jarring sense of instability. Like there’s no solid ground to stand on anymore. We’re living on the fault line and the earthquake is definitely happening.
It’s akin to the Tower card in the Tarot.
Taurus symbolizes our basic sense of security. It’s the earth. It’s money. It’s our resources. It’s our animal body. It’s what allows us to be grounded and calm and relaxed. And ultimately to feel sane. Uranus IN Taurus is shaking up our core relationship with our basic sense of safety and even our place in the world. It’s like we’re house cats and some crazy ass god force is continually moving around all the furniture in the room. All the time. At warp speed.
Mercury is also retrograde in Pisces as well as the sun being in Pisces right now. And when you throw all the Pisces stuff into the mix… it’s like we’re in the mirrored fun house at the carnival from hell … and all of our worst fears get amplified by our destabilized minds. It’s pretty fucking intense.”
4. Seven of Cups: In the Seven of Cups, a man stands before seven cups filled with various gifts. Some cups bear desirable gifts such as jewels and a wreath of victory. But others hold gifts that are not gifts at all; instead, they are curses, such as the snake or dragon. The clouds and the cups symbolize the man’s wishes and dreams, and the different gifts inside suggest that you need to be careful what you wish for as not everything is as it seems. Choices need to be made, but in doing so, you must go beyond illusion and allure, and instead focus on what’s right for you. These are the chalices of true vision – if you are willing to open your “eye” to “see.”
Reading Points: Opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, illusion, fairy favors, reflection, sentiment, contemplation, decision
5. Four of Wands: The Four of Wands shows two happy people dancing and celebrating with flowers in their hands. In the foreground, a beautiful wreath abounding with blossoms and grapes suspends between wands. Together, these elements represent the joy and satisfaction that comes with achieving an important goal or milestone. In the background, another group of people (perhaps a family) stand in front of a large castle, representing the safety and comfort of the home.
Reading Points: Celebration, joy, harmony, relaxation, homecoming, discovery
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📸 The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck – I chose to use this deck this week since I have been doing so much studying of Carl Jung and his work with The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (see my post from 03/12/19) – Shown is the 5 card spread
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