ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | March 3 – 9, 2019

Weekly Forecast | March 3 – 9, 2019
5-Card Draw
This week is all about moving forward & pulling our dreams from an ethereal place of want – concreted into a promise of a new future & reality. This is the week to begin making things happen. Collaborate, co-create, work with a team or mentor who inspires you. This is a week of giving & sharing – knowledge, concepts & the like. This is the week to stand up & fiercely shout, “I am choosing ME. I am done playing a small supporting role in another’s story. This is the reclamation of myself, of my soul & of my life.”
After all, as Ram Dass said: “We’re all just walking each other home.”
All of the cards create a possibility of awakening to your true desires & potential. It’s about staying true to YOU – staying in alignment with your own soul & making agreements that align with yourself & Great Spirit.
This is also not the time to get caught in torrents of jealousy. As I said, it’s a time of collaboration. If you see someone you admire achieving the success you want – don’t fall into petty, catty feelings of angst, contraction & comparison. Instead, approach the person with new eyes – stay open & curious. Reach out & make the connection. Share & learn. For this is the purpose of community.
All of this coincides perfectly with the energy of the New Moon (March 6, 2019): On March 6th, 2019, the moon will reset, renew & replenish itself in a state of newness just hours after Uranus, the planet of innovation enters into a 7 year transit through Taurus.
This New Moon is essentially opening the gates for us to move beyond what we are used to. It’s a bit like Alice Through the Looking Glass. If we don’t have the courage to step into a new world, we might “check out” & just dream about it. However, if we want changes in our lives, we need to take those steps that too often, we’ve been avoiding.
Mercury (an inner planet) will go retrograde not even 24 hours before Uranus’s ingression into Taurus & the New Moon in Pisces. Mercury Rx (retrograde) is also in a critical degree at 29° Pisces. When a planet is retrograde, it isn’t something to be afraid of! Yes, it makes things a little bit more complex. Yeah, you might feel like you need Google Translate to translate English to English, but it’s absolutely manageable as it brings different opportunities. In this case, it’s a state of introversion & learning to communicate with ourselves as communication with others can become challenging.
1. Two of Fire: Keywords: Power Sharing, Mentorship, Partnerships, Equality, Teamwork, Mutual Interests, Ambition, Control, Co-creation, Collaboration
The Two of Fire represents partnerships, and aligning yourself with another who shares your goals and visions in order to make an idea a reality. It symbolizes a power-sharing situation where two people with mutual interests work together because together they have more chance of success and achieving their ambitions than they would have if they worked alone.
2. Ace of Earth: Keywords: New Beginnings, Goals, Motivation, Desire, Preparations, Opportunity, Education, Security, Potential Reward, Potential Consequences
When the Ace of Earth appears in your reading, it represents a time of change and new beginnings on the career and home front. This change is driven by a desire for financial security and independence for yourself, or for those whom you are responsible.
It is time to make preparations and plans for the future so that you are not challenged or placed under stress by the changes that are coming. What do you want to do with your one wild and precious life? How do you want to FEEL at work, in your relationships, with yourself, etc.? It is time for you to think of the outcome you desire. It is time to be grounded in your approach and seek tangible outcomes that meet your desires. Determine your weaknesses and strengths, weigh your responsibilities, and then decide if they fit in with your goals and objectives. Get a clear FEELING of the life you ultimately want and desire and let go of anything or anyone who no longer fits within that vision.
Now is the time to seek training and mentorship – continued education if need be. Now is the time to focus on YOUR life and how to draw down your dreams and concrete them into reality.
3. The Sage: Keywords: Sharing, Communication, Knowledge, Information, Culture, Tradition, Advice
The Sage in his glory is an enthralling character. He is the sagacious older man, one who is entertaining, expressive, knowledgeable, informative and just a little mystical and wizard-like. He is a perceptive man, a storyteller at heart, who can read and move his audience with skill and ease.
He’s also just a little bit magician and master of knowledge and communication. When the Sage card appears in your reading, it represents the sharing and receiving of knowledge and communication. It means to remain open, stay curious, and evaluate and play with your belief systems. It’s time to let go of outdated traditions that no longer serve you as an individual or society as a whole. It’s also a time to delve deeply into your own heritage, family history, and ancestral ways. History shapes our future. Cherish the knowledge and wisdom of your ancestors. Sit with the elders and listen to their stories. For these stories will carry inherent wisdom – not just for you but for future generations to come. We are the starseeds that have been chosen to break ancestral trauma, generations of internal genocide, and eradicate our families karmic lines. The power has been within you all along. Do you not feel it pulsing through your veins?
4. Four of Earth: Keywords: Commitment, Stability, Reliability, Steady Progress, Endurance, Perseverance
When the Four of Earth appears in your reading, a happy and rewarding outcome is close at hand. Remember, however, that the key to completing large or long-term projects is in making slow and steady – deliberate progress. The key is to place one brick upon the other and to continue to build, even when you feel like giving up. Allow your projects and ideas to be given breath and to come alive – to take a shape and life and personality all its own so that it may grow and thrive into something beyond your imagining. Do not hold so tight (expectations & control) that like a weed, you choke the light from the beautiful creation opening one petal at a time. Allow it to come alive. Allow it to have its own growing pains and remember that birth and growth come in stages. Your dreams are manifesting. Take note of the magic you do see. Open your eyes and allow for the infinite possibility.
5. The Crone: Keywords: Feminine Power, Fearlessness, Authenticity, Individuality, Independence, New Purpose, Freedom, Shadow Self
The Crone is unafraid of being alone or walking her oath alone. She is the wise woman like nature – wild, still, passionate, volatile, calm, peaceful, adaptable and flowing, creative, and powerful. She is everything she chooses to be – no longer bound by the constructs and criticism of society.She is unafraid of walking her path alone and is wholly aware of her choices. She has, by necessity, become a strong and independent individual who has learned to look after her own needs. She has found new purpose and her life is full – has meaning and direction, and has created a life of her own design. She is a woman who has embraced her potential and her power. She represents a need to take a direct and forthright approach – especially when it comes to making future plans. Do what is necessary – not what is expected.
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