ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | May 12th – May 18th, 2019

Weekly Forecast | May 12th – May 18th, 2019
5-Card Draw
Today, the moon is moving into the sign of Virgo and will reside there for the next two and a half days. The moon indicates to our internal process, our emotions, and our feelings. The sign of Virgo is constantly striving for perfection. As a result, Virgos are usually the best in pointing out what is “wrong” and what needs to change. This desire to correct and perfect can influence us all for these next few days. The risk with this energy is in falling into a judgmental space. Being able to see what may be wrong and what may need correction leads to judging people with a critical and unloving eye. Be mindful of this cosmic transit today, and focus instead on sharing acceptance, love, and mercy with everyone around us. Avoid taking the stand of judge and jury for the next few days. If we still feel strongly that there is something that requires attention and needs fixing, invite Spirit into the situation. Ask Spirit to help and guide you through the process. Oftentimes when change is forced and there is judgment, one resists changing and learning. The real magic occurs when we bestow true love and care, it is then spirituality, growth, and change happen automatically.
How often do you take the time for yourself to connect to your inner needs and your deepest desires? What do you really want out of life? Are you moving in the direction of your own personal fulfillment? This week, with the Sun and Pluto trine, the time is ideal to ask yourself those questions and begin on the path to manifesting your deepest desires. The universe is giving us the ability to see and connect to our desires. We gain the power to assert ourselves and make the choices needed that will lead us to them. Great Creator wants us to be fulfilled and experience true “heaven on earth.” We are meant to live the life of our dreams with joy, not a life of sadness. Spirit contains all that we will ever desire, we need only to connect to Source to find it.
Venus’ movement into its home sign, Taurus, allows us to connect to all of its positive qualities for the next four months. When a planet resides in its own home sign, it is able to reveal all of its potential. The word Venus in Aramaic is Nogah, which means “light.” Venus in Taurus allows us to see and feel the “Light” everywhere. Optimism, gratitude, and focusing on the positive are some of the great qualities that Venus in Taurus can provide. The issue with this energy is when it blinds us from seeing what needs to be changed or confronted. Since Venus in Taurus provides a strong sense that “The Light will take care of it all,” we should pay attention not to fall into the potential danger of complacency and avoidance. This is a time when we need to find the balance between these two perspectives. We should aim to see both, that which is good and that which needs changing. Enjoying the Light and all that is good while simultaneously attending to what needs our attention and care. Life is always this balance. We have come to this world to apply effort and to transform, but not allow the process to weigh us down or rob us of joy. We can find joy and happiness in our spiritual work, because we know that in the end the Light (aka Spirit) really will take care of it all.
The level of efficiency and self-discipline is potentially very high with the beautiful aspect present this week with Mercury and Saturn. This is a great time to develop our business sense, set goals, and achieve them. We are able to understand what is right and what is wrong in every situation. Pursue anything that will help you advance and gain more knowledge in the areas you desire. The power of perseverance is always required to achieve our spiritual and physical goals. It is the energy that stems from the certainty of knowing that we have the power and the Light within to fulfill our purpose here on earth.
This week, as Mars moves into the sign of Cancer – this combination of a fiery planet with a water sign can ignite our emotions. One of the challenging aspects of this movement is being overly sensitive and highly emotional to what other might say or think. Naturally, this can then lead to becoming too defensive.This is a time for internal work in which we can develop self-confidence and be free from having to change who we are to accommodate the whims of others. Great Creator made us exactly who we are. To judge yourself is only to judge Creator. You need never to shrink or alter the beauty that is you. As I’ve heard it said, others opinions of me are not my business. Let that become your motto.
At the end of the week, we have a full moon in the sign of Scorpio. Together, with Mercury and Pluto trine, it is an ideal time to practice the art of letting go. Any full moon provides us with beautiful cosmic support to accomplish, unify, and manifest a specific energy in our lives. Knowing the sign of the moon helps us to understand what type of spiritual work is required in order to activate this amazing cosmic support. Scorpio is about deep spiritual transformation. Since the full moon is a positive event, the opportunity, then, is the ability to transform anything that is negative into something positive. It is time to finally let go. Release any secrets, repressed feelings, or any skeletons in your closet. In order for a little seed to grow into a mighty tree, it must break open underground. We must be willing to let go of the old so the new can make its way into our lives.
1. Ten of Cups: Performing a dance of happiness, Merry and Mirth open-heartedly enjoy life with gratitude. Seven cup-flowers hanging from the heavens and three spiraling up from the ground emit a powerful sense of harmony. Their hearts laughter flows in an infinite stream as they share their joy with one another.
With the blossoming of long-lasting happiness in love and spiritual matters, things are unfolding as they should be. Maintain your sense of fulfillment by sharing what you’ve learned with others.
One of the happiest cards in the deck. Emotional connections and fulfillment. Keywords: Harmony, Abundance, Fulfillment, Elation, Community, Achievement.
2. IX The Hermit: A gentle hermit named Eremite stands alone on the tip of the tallest mountain. The light of his lantern contains the star of wisdom, leading the way through the dark of night. His solitude connects him deeply to the inner mysteries of his mind, bringing him closer to obtaining a higher level of enlightenment. A dragonfly, in search of a trusted guide, quietly accompanies Eremite on his journey.
A time of undisturbed retreat allows the mind to regroup and the soul to replenish. When you reflect inwardly and listen to your inner voice, you’ll find healing, wisdom, and truth.
Keywords: Maturity, Wisdom, Solitude, Retreat, Enlightenment, Meditation.
3. XVIII The Moon: Seizing a moment of moon-kissed inspiration, Phantasm weaves a haunting song on his violin, set with a rhythm that coincides with the moon’s mysterious pulse. His three owl companions named Daze, Haze, and Maze are the keepers of vivid dreams. Illuminating hidden truths, the moon’s energy brings clarity to the surface.
Listen carefully to your inner wisdom. It will help interpret veiled messages from the unconscious, and will shine light on higher levels of understanding. Journey into your soul and unearth your anxieties and fears; release them so that they no longer haunt you. The only way out is through, and the moon’s mysterious light can help you reclaim your true spirit. Trust your intuition as you walk your path, and create a life of your own imagination and design. Magic is within.
Keywords: Emotion, Intuition, Influence, Cycles, Dreams.
4. Eight of Wands: Aiming high, the courageous astro-mouse, Nucleus, ventures across the galaxy with a take-charge energy that will break down all obstacles. One-eyed aliens, Zoom and Boom, help guide him in the right direction as he forges ahead with powerful determination.
Shoot for the stars! With a burst of energy, you can clear away negativity and open up channels of communication, which will set things in motion. You’ll discover spontaneous possibilities for solving problems.
Movement, swiftness, heading towards stability. For an ongoing situation, this card can indicate coming to a conclusion or resolution, usually positive. Keywords: Direction, Boldness, Activation, Passion, Acceleration.
5. Ten of Coins: (Traditional Card: Ten of Pentacles): Counting their bountiful blessings, a lively unicorn, Jubilee, soars above ten shining coins that shimmer like the sun. His pixie friends, Glee and Spree, ride upon his back as they celebrate their heart’s joy.
Through the balance of material and spiritual abundance, tasks become rewarding. Have faith in yourself and in the achievements along your path. By connecting to your heart’s aspirations, the results will be healing and enriching. Take time to acknowledge the beauty and blessings around and within you.
Wealth, comfort, security, but also the enjoyment of these things, the realization of the beauty of life. Keywords: Achievement, Fulfillment, Abundance, Celebration, Health.
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