ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | May 19th – May 25th, 2019

Weekly Forecast | May 19th – May 25th, 2019
5-Card Draw

Today with the Venus and Uranus conjunction in the sign of Taurus, we are being encouraged to think outside of the box, especially in the areas of romance and finances. The cosmic event of today can affect us in two different ways. It can awaken new situations and opportunities to appear on their own or it can guide us to proactively engage in new and unique actions that will provoke them to appear. Today, let us be proactive and be “out of the box” in our thinking and actions with our loved ones and financial dealings. It is a day that we should drop our old routine and try something totally new. Keep in mind, if we do not take the proactive approach, those changes, shake-ups, and out-of-the-ordinary situations might suddenly appear on their own. Most importantly, remember to stay open and not fight the direction the universe wishes to take you. The Creator has a plan of higher good for you. The more we can be open to life and all its opportunities, the more we can allow this plan to unfold.

We are also shifting gears this week with the Sun and Mercury moving into the sign of Gemini. The Sun and Mercury moving into Gemini will place things into high pace. It is the time to learn new skills and spice up your life. It is ideal to socialize with new people, discover new points of view, become curious, and be rational. However, avoid taking things too deeply or engaging in heavy conversations. The universe is buzzing with the energy of networking and brainstorming. Gemini is an air sign and seems to be everywhere at once. It is a time for communication and union with the Light of the Creator. The Light is always simple, fast, and forever moving. If we can borrow these qualities we can turn this great Light on in our lives.

Mars is a planet that is influencing the way we engage in action. Since Mars is in the sign of Cancer, we have the ability to take action in sharing, helping, and supporting others in need. In addition to the beautiful aspect between Mars and Uranus, we are awakened to share in a creative way. We all have our set and comfortable ways of sharing with others. For some, it is giving a monetary support to an organization. For others, it is volunteering and giving our time. Yet, for others, sharing is very personal. They mostly only share with their loved ones, caring for them and attending to their needs. This week, think of new and creative ways that you can positively impact the world. Extend your heart and hand into areas that you usually avoid. Find a new and unique way to channel Spirit and bring your special combination of love and care to those around you. We have come to this world to give as much as we can. It is in doing so we receive everything life has to offer.

The moon represents our emotions. Venus represents the expression of our emotions. When the Moon and Venus have a challenging aspect, as they do this week, our ability to express our emotions can also be challenged. When we work with the cosmos and the energy in the universe, we can be more successful in moving forward and making decisions. The wisest captain knows not to sail her ship against the wind, but to allow the wind to take her smoothly to her destination.

1. Hawk (Air Sign): The sharp eyes of the Hawk watch our every move. This keen-eyed bird has the ability to see every little detail as well as the bigger picture. When this card appears, fate has its eyes on you, and the winds are shifting. It is said that the Hawk carries news upon its wings and is sent from Divinity itself to deliver it. The message should not be taken lightly – though it may seem small or insignificant – it will eventually redirect your course.
Keywords: Intuitive, watchful, all – seeing, messenger of Divinity.
2. Swan (Water Sign): The Swan represents heightened creativity. In Hindu mythology, the goddess Saraswati (the embodiment of language, creativity, and artistry) rides on the back of this graceful creature. The Swan is ready to take us there – to the fluid realms of writing, creating, and reflecting. This potent and healing energy is not to be taken for granted or taken lightly. When the Swan card appears, your soul is calling for attention – for solo time. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision likely to be revealed.
Keywords: Effortless creativity, sensitive mystic, elegant power, infinite.
3. Phoenix (Spirit): The Phoenix represents the transformation of our past. It doesn’t mean running from it, denying it, bypassing it, or “burning bridges” with rage. The Phoenix employs an advanced technique described in yoga as the burning of impurities through practice and dedication (tapas). The essence of the Phoenix is with us when we realize we have been suffering too long and something must change. We take a stand and decide to live consciously instead of being driven by the unconscious mind and its long list of fears and aversions. At that very moment, the spark of the Phoenix is lit, and the great bird helps us burn through our baggage. We no longer run from who we are, what has happened to us, or what we have done. The “stuck-ness” and “dead weight” fall into the ashes and a lightness and clarity emerge. As the stagnancy continues to smolder, the Phoenix lifts our spirits up and up, and we begin to recognize ourselves again. We may catch a glimmer in our eye that wasn’t there before. Look closely – it’s a sign the fire of transformation is upon your wings.
The ancient yogi’s believed that our heaviest karmas reside in the first chakra. This earthen center is also called muladhara, or the root chakra. The ascent of the Phoenix begins here, and as the entanglement of the karmas is slowly burned, it rises from the ash towards the navel center. Again and again it makes this journey from first to third chakra, purifying our essence, freeing us from the past.
Keywords: Freedom from suffering, freedom from past karma, reincarnation
4. Black Egg (Spirit): The Black Egg contains one of life’s essential treasures – the truth. Inside of it resides no confusion, excuses, small talk, noise, or lies (not even white ones). This living and breathing vessel harbors only that which rings true. When this essence is in balance, we speak slowly and clearly. We are drawn to activities like writing, reading, teaching, singing, or perhaps public speaking. Sounds draw us in, books draw us in, the concept of truth, itself, draws us in. We start asking questions like, “What do I know to be true about myself?” ad “What is true about the world?” When the energy of the Black Egg is not yet accessed, we speak from an unsure place. We say things others want to hear, gossip, or repeat stories to justify our sub-par behaviors. We might even try to convince ourselves that we have no inner truth at all. The energy of the Black Egg hovers and waits for us to reconnect. It is available at every moment, in every situation. It’s the epicenter of truth, the birthplace of our voice.
The subtle energy of this card resides at the base of the throat, at the vishuddha chakra. The ancient sages saw this center as the hub that governs our speech and expression. Vishuddha translates as “especially pure.” The balance of this center is important for all of us, but is especially essential for writers, editors, musicians, psychics, intuitives, and teachers.
Keywords: Speaking from an authentic voice, listening, the truth.
5. Tiger (Fire):  The Tiger hunts at night – at one with the silence – fearing nothing. This card reminds us to take in the wild darkness, to allow the lunar forces to soothe and heal our spirits. Sensuality, receptivity, and devotion are all heightened in the midnight hour, and the Tiger takes advantage of these boons. Spend some time in silence, drinking in the potent calm. There is nothing to fear in the stillness except the awakening of your own power.
Keywords: Lunar force, ease in darkness, feminine energy, passion, strength, sensuality.
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