ORACLE SESSIONS Weekly Forecast | May 26th – June 1st, 2019

Weekly Forecast | May 26th – June 1st, 2019
5-Card Draw

We are near the end of lunar Taurus with the lunar month of Gemini starting next week. As we study the world’s chart, we find the moon to be in bold Aquarius, while the sun and Mercury are already in Gemini. The chart’s rising, along with Jupiter are in feisty Sagittarius and the result is a much airier cosmos. We can already breathe easier! Of course, we still have heavy Saturn cunjuncting Pluto and the southern moon node in Capricorn.

The cosmos is questioning how big our hearts are, and how inclusive we are of others. The moon in Aquarius is a very universal feature, and inspires us to elevate ourselves and teach others, as well. Since Jupiter is the chart’s ruler of the week, we can benefit from an elevated state of consciousness. Like the symbol of the upcoming lunar month of Gemini, the twins, we should all feel more connected to each other. Be aware of seemingly “random” messages as they are likely to give us a great push forward.

1. IV The Emperor: The Emperor represents masculine father energy. Whereas the the Empress offers abundant love and nurturing, the Emperor brings a solid foundation of order and rules that provide security and stability. The crow stands on a sword, a symbol of power, protection, authority, strength, and courage. The ram head n the throne represents leadership and initiative. The Emperor’s energy brings order to chaos. He is not a dictator nor taskmaster; he is, however, a strong leader who commands devotion through wisdom ad integrity. Crows are known for passing information through their DNA to future generations to protect them from possible dangers. The Emperor sits on his throne ready to share his knowledge to ensure all around him stay safe. Channel his power in times of uncertainty. Through fearless determination and expertise it will manifest success.
Keywords: Father-like, authority, fair-minded, wisdom, protective.
2. XIX The Sun: The crow stands fearlessly on the back of a glistening white horse with her wings reaching towards freedom. She is open to the radiant energy of the sun as it illuminates her soul and brings success to all she desires to accomplish. She comes to you with the message that luck is on your side and you will soon feel the brightness and warmth of the sun. Bask in all the potential entering into your life at this time and allow this energy to raise your frequency.
Keywords: Optimism, positivity, clarity, success, happiness, good fortune.
3. Four of Cups: The crow in the tree pays no attention to the cup in the sky, nor has any interest in discovering the contents of the cups below. He sits detached from his community, unmotivated to do much of anything and is bored by yet another shiny object. The Four of Cups speaks to a time of depression and the inability to find anything to be excited about. You may be in a time of self-imposed darkness whether it is from a disappointment or a bad relationship. The Four of Cups asks you to go inward and look for what brought you to this place of discontentment. It also may be a good time to take stock of all the things that have been going well, as that is the quickest way to raise low spirits.
Keywords: A family or other group where emotions are structured. Possibly a benevolent outpouring of feeling. Apathy and hesitation about trying something new.
4. Two of Wands: The crows holding the wands do so with patience and balance. It takes skill and strength to maintain the world. When the wands come together, they create a spark that sets an idea into motion, one that has the power to create a path to success. These birds bring opportunities for travel as well as the need to make life-changing decisions. Each journey offers the possibility of a new experience. The Two of Wands urges you to get out of your comfort zone because destiny is waiting.
Keywords: Choice, especially between security and adventure. Seeking the wisdom inherent to fiery energy.
5. Four of Wands: Two crows harmoniously chatter as they celebrate the end of another beautiful day. The Four of Wands denotes a time of peace and harmony, especially regarding home and family. The Four of Wands also predicts that a joyous occasion is on the horizon. You may also see the Four of Wands as a reminder to connect with those who bring joy and happiness in your life. It may not feel like it at the moment, but you will soon have a reason to celebrate.
Keywords: Simple structures, life-energy defined and given shape. Finding goals. People celebrating together. An outpouring of excitement and energy.
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📸 Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane – Shown is the 5 card spread
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