Overstimulation. When this happens with our favorite feline, they can easily go from sweet loving kneading purrs to a full blown scratch attack complete with hisses and hair standing on end.

When this happens with a baby or small child, they can go from sweet and precious squeals of delight and gummy grins into full fledged red faced tears and explosion of emotion…

This made me think of how often, as adults, we overstimulate ourselves. Television, radio, social media, smart phones, emails, texts, the world (yes, as an empath – we pick up that stimuli as well). It made me think how stimulus is really energy overload and how draining it can be.

How do we respond? How does this affect our minds, thought process, and physical bodies? And do we realize that our bodies react to overstimulation by processing it as a fight or flight response – stress? Hello high cortisol levels and leaky guts!

How do we counteract this invasion that we may not even realize is happening? Do we attack? Do we run? Do we get all knotted up? Cry? Feel anxiety, fear, and depression?

When we can recognize what is happening – we then have the power to go inward and evoke change. This doesn’t happen by becoming the noise. It means it’s time to stop, go inward, and reflect.

Have you ever noticed that when you come out of meditation how at peace and ethereal you feel? Have you ever just spent the day in nature- and afterwards realize how calm you feel and how much clarity you seem to have found?

Today, my wish for you is this. Find inner peace. Take time for self-care and self-reflection. Take a walk. Do a meditation. Take a yoga class. Take a warm bath by candlelight and soft easy music. Today, make time to do you 

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