Palm Trees and Salty Air

You took me to the Mediterranean in the depths of your stare—

White sand and turquoise sea

Safe and coy, I played hide and seek;

“Come on in—the water feels nice”

A whisper floating in the wind

In an instant, I was seduced by the tide.

Seeming to sense my anxiety as it pulled away,

The water rushed back in with a sweet caress and sea foam kiss—

Strawberry lips full of champagne

Dark chocolate and a decadent moscato wine

A thousand Osiria Roses waiting to be plucked.

Desire: an ache, a hunger, a deep set need

I dove in, head-first—throwing caution to the wind

I was caught in Poseidon’s rapture—or was it rage?

Addicted to the strong embrace.

I felt a shift in the sea as a storm moved in

Your eyes now a subtle grey;

I felt fear as depth and darkness consumed me

An Orca graveyard—is this where the sharks come to play?

“Don’t be afraid—come and stay.”

As I rode the tide, I was entranced—

Aquatic life so colorful and free

Coral reefs that seem to breathe

Caught in a rapture of silver fish

Around and around I go

Swimming through the depths of your soul.

Quiet and safe, we retreat to the beach—

Entangled in a warm embrace

I don’t know where I end and you begin;

It is late and colors are painted across the sky

A tapestry of indigo with threads of silver coming undone

gold guaze infused with pink cotton candy


Palm treas and salty air—

You took me to the Mediterranean in the depths of your stare

Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Toby Israel

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