I thought this was/is amazing! When we went camping a couple of weeks ago, I saw spirits moving through the forest. My peripheral vision was filled with honeycombs of energy; sacred geometry. While this artists portrayed this through his art, this “perception,” or “sight” is actually available to all. The more you work with energy and Great Spirit, the thinner the veil actually becomes. I call this walking between worlds as I often experience not only seeing and hearing in the physical 3D dimensions of humanity but can glimpse and hear the “unseen.” I often feel that I’m moving between timelines and dimensions simultaneously.
Have you ever had an experience like this? Tell me about it in the comments below…
📸 Rob Mulholland is a sculptor and environmental artist based in the UK. He creates magical mirror sculptures – these forest ones are wonderful – they could be Nature Spirits or Elementals! Rob website can be found here:
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