Reflection and Intent

As we enter into 2016, I find myself being reflective. I have determined this year instead of making New Year’s resolutions; I am going to be manifesting intent.

What’s the difference,” you may ask. Well, to me when I hear the word resolution it implies something needs to be resolved—fixed.

To me intent implies living with purpose. This implies staying grounded, staying focused and not having a life of accidental living.

According to Sheryl Melanson, Life Coach, “Perhaps we each could feel a bit more fulfilled if we injected more consistent intention into our daily living. To live with intention is to depart from our comfort zone—that mindless, habitual state of unconsciousness that is more doing than being…”

While I believe there are ways in which one should (and needs) growth to become the best version of themselves, I am also a believer that we are all perfect in whatever stage of growth we may be at.

Many times when we are in the eye of the hurricane it is a process that is fine tuning us—polishing us into beautiful shiny stones.

After all, a diamond is just a piece of coal that handled stress really well. A pearl is formed from a piece of sand irritating the oyster.

All life must go through transformation and metamorphosis. It’s the trying times that develop our character.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.” ~Barbara Haines Howett

This year, I am manifesting self-love and self-care. Something many of us do not do enough of. We get so busy with everyday tasks, life, taking care of others, running our businesses and then we can’t figure out why we are exhausted and irritable.

This year, I am manifesting the healthiest version of myself. No, I am not resolving to lose weight. While that would be wonderful, as part of my self-love, I am accepting myself as I am. But I will be choosing organic nutrient rich ingredients as part of my self-care.

I am manifesting being outdoors more. I will take long hikes, go paddle boarding, or just go for a picnic in the park. I will feel the warm glow of the sun on my cheeks and inhale the rich scent of the forest.

I am manifesting riches and growth of my business while balancing the needs of my family.

I will intentionally rise early in the morning and spend at least 20-30 minutes each morning in meditation visualizing the life I want to bring forth. I have created a vision board to keep me on track.

“January is one of our most important circles. We use our vision boards to call our manifestations into existence for the New Year. Your vision board is akin to your cosmic seed catalogue. As a farmer, I order all my seeds for the year in January. A vision board is a garden plan for the year. Decide what you’ll plant and focus your passion on this for the next twelve months…” ~Shelli Mullins

Living with intent means showing up and being present in the here and now. But living with intent also means reflection and looking inward.

As I browse through journals I kept in 2015, I realize how far I have come and how much I have accomplished. If I had to summarize the year, here is what I have learned—about life, about love, and about regret…

  • Don’t make someone your world; they simply may not want the weight of it.
  • Live hard and passionately, follow your heart, because one day will be your last and the chance to do it all will be lost.
  • Don’t rely on others to piece you together, because only you know exactly where the pieces went before you broke.
  • If you change, do it with your own good in mind.
  • Listen to good music.
  • Learn to be at ease with being alone.
  • Learn to listen to your intuition—sometimes it gets muffled by the hum of routine.
  • Do cry—it cleanses your soul.
  • Grow—every day.
  • Accept that you cannot change fate, but that it will change you.
  • Be patient, be kind, and be polite, even with the people you see every day.
  • Realize that love is no excuse for rudeness or cruelty. It is no reason to let go and trust that you will always be forgiven and understood.
  • Unconditional love is not something that everyone knows how to give.
  • Always keep your hope alive. You will be lost if you lose that.
  • Find a lover or friend that will hold you through your darkest hours, who will lead you to the river of life when all you see is darkness and death—someone who will show your beauty and strength—someone who will carry you when you cannot walk and who will show you how to dance through life when you have forgotten the steps.
  • Choose life and choose to really live. I do not profess to have all the answers but I do know this: we always have a choice, even when it feels like we don’t.
  • Even the lotus grows in the mud.

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