Reflections on Friendship, Humanity, and Being Woke

Yesterday I sat with two women who inspire me on a daily basis to become a better version of myself. We talked about life, love, judgement, passion, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Every person needs friends like these that uplift, support, and who can philosophize and theorize with the best of them.

We spoke of Abraham Hicks, humanities struggles (including our own), and how nothing is really ever good or bad or right or wrong – it’s how we perceive something that gives it its label and identity. We spoke of different cultures, sexualization (and how it often becomes perverse when not expressed in a healthy way), of domestication and conditioning – and how opinions are not fact but, rather, personal perceptions based in bias from our own experiences. We talked about how to become better humans – embracing our humanity and realizing that we are, indeed, spiritual beings having a human experience.

We spoke of reincarnation and karma and why we would choose, once we have become one with pure source energy, to reincarnate and return to this earth?

One of the women talked about how even Abraham Hicks and the Bible discuss how pure source energy and angelic beings long for the human experience. And, yet, once here, once we’ve reincarnated, we begin to struggle and far too often, we get stuck in that place of in-between.

What if, instead of judging situations as good or bad, we simply experienced the contrast as lessons? What if we viewed all situations as informational guideposts along our journey which basically point the direction and mark X on the map?

How can we go from wanting this experience so badly we choose to separate ourselves from bliss to incarnate in the human form, and yet, we forget our joy and our wonder. Too many spend their days trying to transcend the experience of humanity seeking self-realization and enlightenment and often during this process start viewing those on different paths as less than. How spiritual is that? Light and love? I think not.

What if, rather, we were put here to fully embrace the human experience while learning to balance in complete alignment with our highest self? Meaning to transcend ego and to realize what we are experiencing in this moment matters. I mean, otherwise, why would we ever choose to reincarnate? What if the social experiment we’ve been given is to learn how to interact with one another without borders, without judgement, and in unconditional love? Because I believe that love will always win and is always the answer.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of spending our time here struggling and in pain – longing for the day we can return to Source – what if we take a look around us at the adventure and opportunity we’ve been given and integrate and live each day to its fullest. And with that – is that what we’re doing when we’re working 40+ hours a week – so exhausted by the time we finally get a day off we can’t get ourselves out of bed unless it’s to drag ourselves to the couch?!

I have heard so many “Healers” say, “Oh you must still have emotional wounds to work through or past trauma to clear and that is why you are experiencing X, Y, and Z.” And while I agree that many health issues correlate to emotional and unconscious baggage – I also know that not one person here on earth has an immortal body. I am also acutely aware that the moment we take our first breath, our bodies begin the process of dying.

Going through my own health scare with my breast infection and wondering if I had cancer – I explored all possibilities: diet, weight, exercise, forgiveness, boundaries, self-care, removing stress from my life as much as humanly possible, surrounding myself with people and things that only brought me true joy, removing as many toxins and chemical from my life as possible, getting regular energy work and clearing done,  hot compresses, essential oils, castor oil, specific herbs, teas, tinctures, juicing, coffee enemas, specific supplements, infrared treatments, earthing, hours spent in deep meditation, making sure everything that passed my lips barely had any sugar, was organic, and full of vital life force energy. And while I feel the best I have in years (and believe everyone should do this for the rest of their lives as I plan to) – my breast infection remained.

I will never forget the “Healer” that during this process told me, “You carry disease in your body because you are fat.” – not knowing all of the months of drastic changes I had already made in my life or my history or even exploring why I may be carrying extra weight. There was no conversation, no discussion – only judgement. Or how about the countless Abraham Hicks videos I received about how I had called this intentionally (somehow) into my life and why didn’t I want to heal? What was serving me from this disease in my body? These were uber spiritual people reaching out to me and yet, where was the love, the compassion, the support, the listening ear, the words of “I’m sorry. This sucks.” I did receive that from close friends and family, however, it was eye opening to see the judgment that came from those who claim to be so “woke.”

And while I agree that many times we can unconsciously call in certain experiences (soul contracts) and injuries and that sometimes, yes, it feeds something within us (be it forcing us to rest, the joy of being fawned over, etc.), I don’t believe this is always the case. I also believe that while we may cause ourselves injury during an unconscious phase – that a real physical injury may remain – even once you’ve become woke and done all of the work. And more than anything, I believe that we are having a human experience and because of chemicals and toxins and GMO’s – our bodies will eventually begin the process of shutting down. And so why, do some, insist (even in the most loving of ways) on shaming others when disease or trauma has entered our bodies?

And get this – I think I may have actually found the actual cause of what is happening to my body. The advice came from a homeopath who actually decided to not judge me based on their own judgements or due to my physical appearance but from my actual history. In this we talked about the pituitary gland and I explained that I have had mine tested every couple of months and everything shows up as normal. She talked to me about nerve damage, any injuries of the breast or chest wall, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance, consumption of certain herbs (such as fennel, cumin, or kelabat), and any injuries to my spinal chord as that can induce lactation due to the stimulation of the endocrine glands – specifically if there was any injury to the cervical spine. DING DING DING. You guys! In 1996 I was in a head-on collision with a semi-truck. I had compound fractures in both my C1 & C3. This whole time I have been searching for an answer and now I finally have some solid information to present to my doctor. And get this – as I have been researching I also found that Galactorreah or Hyperprolactinemia (which is where my mind is going as far as the root cause) is a common cause of menstrual disturbances affecting fertility. Um, hello…

But, I digress…

I am an Earth Mama and I believe I chose this plane and this experience and my human condition and free will. I want to return to the light of Pure Source Energy that lives and breathes within me – in the here and now. I choose my path. I choose my hindrances, my obstacles, and more than that – I choose my joy and my love – my happiness. I choose to embrace my humanity while living in the fullness of my divinity. I choose to learn what it is I am to learn while here on this big beautiful blue sphere. And I choose to go eyes wide open, into the chaos full of awe and wonder. I choose the beauty of living and learning and searching. I choose curiosity. And I choose to follow the signs and synchronizations for what they are – my internal map navigating the constellations of my soul. And I will choose love in all ways, always and promise to do my best to not judge another because their path is different than mine.

See we have a choice when judgement arises. We can see it for what it is – either something within us we need to heal or a realization that something or someone is simply not an energetic match. We can label it good or bad – but what if, instead, we just choose to be open-minded? And who knows – maybe this is me doing the very thing I’m talking about. Maybe this is me projecting my own journey. I prefer to call them reflections. In any case, I think we can all agree that life is hard and we need to seek joy where we can. We need friendships and people who can hold up mirrors and well, hell, we need the triggers and tragedy too. It’s called growth. And no matter what philosophies and theories we may all carry – I definitely think this life is one hell of a ride and it will stretch us beyond anything we ever could have imagined.

I do wonder, though – do we bring back all of these experiences and lessons and knowledge and wisdom back to share with the collective once we’ve returned to Source – or was it really all about our own journeys all along?


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