Sacred Mountain

“The strength of my soul
Was born on the backs of moments
That brought me to my knees.” -S.L. Shawna Heaton
I have fully surrendered. I will no longer rage against what I deem “should be,” but rather lean into the discomfort of “what is.”
I accept my journey and embrace this, my 9th year of death. Looking forward to the blessings and promise of new birth | new life in 2019.
From the catacombs of ash, I, Phoenix, will lift my wings and rise once more.
In the Diffuser: SACRED MOUNTAIN
Sacred Mountain Essential Oil is a spiritual oil blend that creates a feeling of security and protection. Use it to bring awareness to consciousness on a personal or global level.
The conifer oils used in this blend have been used by the North American Indians for hundreds of years to harness the energy of the planet and bring protection. The oils helped them to recharge energetically at all levels. It is believed that is why animals like to take shelter or rest under these conifer trees.
This oil will bring empowerment, sacredness and connection to the energy of the earth. It is spiritually uplifting yet grounding for the body.
There are four therapeutic grade essential oils in Sacred Mountain:
🍁 Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) has a long history in skin and hair care products, particularly in Asia, where it is used to promote healthy luxuriant hair. It also restores confidence and equilibrium.
🍁 Cedarwood (Cedras atlantica) has an earthy aroma that gives you a sense of security. It is calming, purifying and grounding.
🍁 Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) traditionally used for minor muscular discomfort after exercise, the warm aroma of balsam fir soothes and rejuvenates body and mind. Known for supporting respiratory function*. Grounding emotionally.
🍁 Spruce (Picea mariana) is grounding and releasing.
What are the Documented Uses for Sacred Mountain Essential Oil?
Anger, aura, empowerment, frustration, grief and sorrow, jealousy, obsessiveness, personal change, prayer, protection, restlessness, sacredness, security, support, spacing out, spiritually uplifting, stress, trauma, and wholeness.
What is the Spiritual Influence?
Sacred Mountain will help those who are afraid to hear what they need to hear or are afraid of speaking out. This usually happens because we are afraid of compromising our self or we do too often!
It also helps to connect with the mass consciousness of the planet. Use with Gathering for this purpose. First clear space with Palo Santo, set up protection using Sacred Mountain, then follow with Gathering to connect with consciousness.
📸 From my morning wanderings
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