I awoke this morning thinking of the Bird Sanctuary we went to yesterday as well as the aquarium. I thought about how sad the captivity but how wonderful the release. Two Condors and an Owl will be released back to the wild very soon.

This morning I prepare as my Sister and my Niece will be saying goodbye to one of their animals – their familiar -sweet, sweet Annie girl. (Their cat). I think of my Father who has been lying in a hospital for almost three months now, clinging to life. I prepare myself for when the day comes his body releases his spirit…but can one ever really prepare?

And then I think about life cycles, new beginnings, surrender. It’s all a process. I think of how when something ends something new begins and how when something new begins, something else is about to end.

I think the hardest parts are the goodbye’s, the what-if’s…the, “Will I see you again?” The forgiveness that must come with self-induced guilt over the should haves, could haves, would haves…but in the end, it all comes down to love, doesn’t it? It all comes down to grace ?

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