Secret Societies & Language

Did you know “Universities” (especially those known as Ivy League Universities) were originally created for secret societies to gain higher knowledge and wisdom – for those seeking the truth and secrets of the Hermetic Corpus, Quantum Physics, Art, Alchemy, Symbolism, Literature, Mythology, Occultism, Anatomy, and Science (medicine fell under this category)?
Which is why they began as private institutions (and still are to this day) versus being a part of “free education” paid by our tax dollars?
“Fraternities” were originally created for the elite intellectuals who grasped the concepts on a deeper level and became “initiates” into the Great Mysteries. The initiates later would become great teachers. It is said that the Hebrew language of the Kabbalah (translated from the Book of Thoth) carry all of the secrets of life and the wisdom passed from the Anunnaki (dating back to the original Sumerian conifer tablets) – and these were part of their curriculum?
So much has changed – including our language. Most fraternities these days are simply known for their drunk parties and hazing. Maybe that’s why I loved, ‘The Dead Poets Society’ so much as it actually spoke to an earlier era.
Did you know that the word libido actually used to mean “the totality of psychic energy and desire of attainment” and somewhere through time (believed by many scholars to be the work and determination of Freud) the definition was changed to mean sexual desire?
Or that occultism used to be defined as mysticism – belief in or study of the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers – the unanswered and undefined mysteries of elements and life? And now somehow when people hear this word, it carries something ominous and evil because the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity began identifying occultism with satanism, ritual magic, and witches (which of course had to be burned at the stake to cleanse the earth of their evil and vile ways). *that was spoken with complete sarcasm, btw * 
? The Old Apothecary (Stock Photo)
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