Soul Passion

A few weeks ago, we were given assignments through Bhava Spiritual Mission. We were to fully identify our “why” and to focus on the underlying feeling of our passion. This was such a powerful experience for me and I wanted to share what that was like for me. I would encourage you to give this a go – and would LOVE to hear what you wrote. Please share in the comments below…
“I am a spiritual being having a deeply human experience. I am compassion, I am love, I am light, I am darkness and everything in between. I am joy and laughter – spitfire and holy rage. I am mother, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, and niece. I am air, I am earth, I am fire – but more than anything, I am water and tide and forest and wings. I am an introvert who loves to live my life outloud. Nature moves me. Spirit lifts me.
I believe one day it will be said that I am Raven, I am Wolf – I AM Excavated Amber and fields of Sunflower. That I’ve tasted salt, honey, mouth of stars and bite of sun. That I LOVED with a love that is wild and fierce – a love so pure and true that it expands and teaches – reaches beyond time and dimension. That it was the dance of intimacy – Shakti and Shiva; conception and birth. That it grew wings and it’s own heartbeat, soul and fire – and was infinite and knew not the limitations of geography but rather was born from the heavens and free to roam, and give…And be and breathe and become…and that she is I and I am SHE.”
“I believe we are spiritual beings who came here for the human experience. And I believe every experience is meant to guide us back to Great Spirit – back to Source. In the essence, I am not speaking of “religion” or “dogma.”
I believe we’ve been given examples of Ascended Masters to show us the way, the truth, and the light. So that we, too, can learn to transcend our pain and trauma and wounding – and transform those into the beautiful mosaics of our lives. I believe these experiences are given, or rather, chosen, to lead us back to grace time and time again where we find our meaning, our purpose, forgiveness, and the greatest love of all – unconditionally.
I, personally, know what it feels like to be lost in a sea of darkness; to feel like I’m drowning, suffocating, and gasping for air. I know what it feels like to claw my way back from the depths of hell. And if I can make that climb a little less steep and tragic by reaching out a helping hand with a direct connection to the Divine – if I can shine a beacon of hope into the darkest corners known to man – then I HAVE fulfilled my purpose. I do believe the journey is our own – but I don’t believe we have to walk or traverse that path alone. Nor do I believe we were ever meant to.”
“My pivotal moment was magic. When I could see and feel and taste and drink in the magic of life all around me. When I began to see the magic within me. When I saw beauty in everyone and in everything – stopping just to watch wings scissor and split across the sky. To take in the vibrant fluorescent green of new growth on trees in the Spring. To touch the bark and trunk of tree, feeling it’s ancient wisdom and energy. To watch waves break across the sea – foaming where water kissed sand. To feel the breeze upon my face or static in the air anytime a storm was approaching. To see pastels painted across the sky at sunrise and sunset. To hear the birds sing at dawn or the chatter of a squirrel as he eagerly flew from tree branch to roof and back again. To watch a deer in all her beauty.
And the deep underlying feeling of all this is deep Inner Peace. Feeling the wonder of presence moment by moment without fretting over tomorrow or regretting yesterday…
Focusing on inner peace – the form and the how came easily. This is why I love doing energy healing, sound healing, writing, and my psychic work and mediumship. All of those assist others in finding their own inner peace. Healing. Clearing. Finding answers and closure. Taking someone on a journey through a guided meditation or through my writing. And in turn, those things continue to nourish my own sense of wonder. And then the magic seems to just appear – everywhere and for everyone. “
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