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Many years ago, when I was first learning to work with energy, I read somewhere that a GOOD healer will always have a green thumb. I don’t even remember where I read this but I DO remember being highly concerned as I have killed more houseplants and indoor herbal gardens than I would ever care to admit. 🤣
I remember talking about this with my Reiki instructor (who not only had vibrant greenery throughout her home, an outdoor garden, but also a flourishing greenhouse) and she said she ABSOLUTELY agreed. She sent me home with a plant and told me to tune into the plants energy. To communicate with the plant. Find out what it’s wants and needs were. She suggested practicing Reiki on it, speaking with it, and finding out what kind of environment it needed to flourish – what kind of sounds and music it liked – how often it needed to be watered and so forth…
Since that time I’ve come to love and adore plants and now have far more than I probably actually have room for in our tiny apartment. But I’ve been creative and made it work. I love their energy and the oxygen they provide and have built a relationship with each and every one. I’ve even learned how to propagate plants and how to bring an orchid back time and time again. And yes, there was much symbolism in what my instructor taught me as it also taught me to deeply tune in and connect with my clients needs and wants as well.
I am currently reading Vickie Gay‘s book, ‘Guidance Psychic Medium‘ and she talks about how plants and flowers attract Spirit(s) because Spirits can see the light within the plants and will help draw in them in around you.
So while I’m over here loving on all my plants, enjoying their beauty and oxygen, I’ve also received the benefits of creating a sacred Spirit environment and learned how to work with energy and my clients in a deeper capacity. I would encourage you to try this for yourself if you are wanting to open up to and work with energy in a more profound and productive way or to open your home and make it more inviting for Spirit 🌿
And p.s.: ALL plants thrive Best by listening to classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart). And by YOU listening to that music as well, it has been proven to raise dopamine levels (aiding with depression) and after just 10 minutes of listening, it raises you spatial-temporal reasoning by at least 30%. So truly, it’s a win-win 😍
📸 Flickr – Movie, ‘Practical Magic ‘
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