I am grateful for the static stillness that comes with a storm. Last night I went outside to walk my pup and everything was so still – so quiet. A break in the storm. Yet, I could feel the magnitude in the presence of being. There was static in the air and before we made it back inside – it once again started to rage with the wind and trench of the rain.
Growing up in Idaho, we would get storms during the dead heat of summer. It would be stifling hot but the clouds would fill – lightening would strike the sky as thunder clapped overhead. Horses would feel the fire – the electrical current and would run full throttle – manes billowing behind.
These were moments I have always cherished! If I could find a way – in those brief moments before the rain would fall – I would go outside and just stand. Eyes closed feeling the magnitude of it all. This is when I feel and know there is something far greater than me.
It’s the same feeling I get when I rise before dawn and the rest of the house is still in slumber and the birds have not began their morning chorus. It’s the feeling I get when I meditate. It reminds me of the electrical current moving through my body and in my soul. It’s the moments that awake my senses and make me feel alive in my own skin. In this silence and static, I find a comfort in the alone-ness when there is nothing in me wanting to be different, to change, to become better. It’s simply me and that moment of ecstasy and what is.
And these are moments I long for. The moments I want more of. These are the moments that make me come alive.
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