Thank the Gods – It’s Over

Yesterday planted me right in the middle of an emotional storm. I was impressed that I held my center in the eye of the hurricane – even though I woke up with puffy eyes from crying most of the day. This week began with me speaking some hard truths and speaking my mind. Something that is difficult for me to do as I do not relish confrontation in any manner. Though I spoke from my heart, it was  not well received. And THAT brought up all kinds of things for me –  namely a recognition of my own co-dependency and how fragile my heart can feel when someone I love or admire “rejects” me. I found I still have a want and a need for others to like me – to give me approval and words of affirmation.
But today is a new day and I started it by spending time with my Beloved in nature. Today, I’m feeling lighter, more playful, and totally inspired. Sometimes we just need to release and I’ve been doing sooooo much energy work around my repressed & suppressed emotions. And WOW – it’s been intense and so powerful ❣ Energetically and astrologically we’ve also been in the midst of some powerful forces – urging us to let go. We no longer have the ease of waiting. The Earth is calling her healers to heal – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. 
On Monday, June 27, 2019, we began experiencing “G1 and G2 Solar Storms caused by an earth-facing coronal hole on the sun – causing streams of high-speed hot/magnetic gases and plasma to flow in the direction of earth. Solar storms are known to de-synchronize our circadian rhythm (our internal biological clock that controls our sleep and wake times). This is due to our pineal gland being affected by electromagnetic energy, producing an increase in melatonin – thus disturbing our sleep and throwing our intuition and inherent orientation out of sync. Therefore, we may feel confused, disorientated, forgetful, and spaced out – and suffer from disrupted sleep patterns, exhaustion, and vivid dreams – having enhanced intuition and psychic awareness.” – Alex Myles
This week, Alex Myles also reported a rare cosmic event with an interplanetary shockwave that hit the Earth’s magnetic field – a supersonic disturbance causing energy to intensify with solar winds quadrupling in density. This week there were earthquakes and tornadoes that touched down in many places. There were shootings and all sorts of other strange happenings. The Schumann Resonance also spiked this week from a base of approximately 7.83 Hz to a whopping 83 Hz.
So if your energy was wonky this week – just know you were not alone!
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