The Days I Wish Would Last Forever

There are days I yearn for him


My body aches, craving and yearning for his touch

There are days it feels as though he’s taken complete residence

Within my heart—and has seen the inside of my soul

These are the days I take refuge in his strong embrace

And lose myself in the essence of his being

There are days I feel disconnected

From everything and everyone

When my body and heart cry out for solitude

And cry out for relief—sweet release

In nature and I often find myself lost

On a trail in the middle of nowhere

There are days I am sad

And consumed with heart wrenching grief

These are the days I long to lie my head in my mother’s lap

Where she plays with the curl at the nape of my neck

As she once did when she was alive

These are the days I long to hold

The child that once grew and died within my womb

These are the hardest days of all—

These days often bring me to the precipice of despair

These days often find me hugging my knees

While the hot water of the shower

Rains upon me and washes my tears and sorrow away

There are days when I feel strong

Powerful for all that I have overcome

These are the days I cherish—

These days find me surrounded by beautiful souls

Hearty food, and much needed laughter

These are the days the sun shines bright

And my smile lights the universe

Across the blackness of night as I am a star shining

Amongst so many others in the Milky Way

These are the days I wish would last forever…

Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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