The Essence of Being

A body requisitioned to self-care equates a soul in harmony. This is my belief. And yet when creation happens, a spark turns into a flame igniting all cells within – it becomes a drug in the body simulating something of cocaine or caffeine. This “high” is your purpose – your passion coming into reality monopolizing your adenosine receptors.
And when creation is happening it’s easy to forget the needs of our nervous system as we push ourselves into overdrive – only it doesn’t really feel like “work” and is easy to get caught in the bliss – especially during the birthing process. But our bodies know, our bodies remember and if we don’t slow down our bodies will force us to do so – usually through an injury or illness.
Yesterday, I slept in far later than normal. Though I was not feeling ill, my body felt as though it were moving through molasses, slow and with resistance. Tuning in, I felt the need of languid silk- a chrysalis of sorts. I embraced the cocoon energy and went with it.
I took a bath easing all tension from my muscles, I read a book, watched a video, and finally allowed my mind to wander. A sensation of moving through a dream without comprehension. My bath became my puja and meditation.
The remainder of the day consisted of giving my beloved a full body Reiki massage, some writing, some lounging, some napping, and I concluded the evening in complete euphoria cooking an amazing dinner – candles burning, flickering dancing shadows across the room, soft instrumental music in the background, and my kitchen – my canvas ready to be explored with a palette of flavor, texture, and color.
I’m certain it had much to do with the downpour of rain pelting the windows in liquid, the wind howling giving the trees no reprieve from bowing and swaying – dancing from their boughs, whistling through stove range. I took no notice of the destruction outside as inside was filled with peace, harmony, and feeling of expansive gratitude and love.
Is this meditation with our eyes open? Is this the experience of tantra? Or just my body reminding me to take time, cherish each moment, to breathe, and to be, and to rest?
As I cleared my schedule for the day, I realized that me taking one day to myself – life still goes on. We continue our revolution orbiting around the sun. Life. Death. The sun still rises. The sun still sets. The moon and the stars still come out to cast their light amidst the dark of night…
But what it did for me was awaken something deep and primal – sensual inside. And today, refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated…I am ready to emerge from my cocoon, spread my wings, and fly.
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