The Labyrinth

There I was in the midst of Avalon. I was approached by an elf asking if I would like to walk the Fairy Labyrinth in the Enchanted Forest to place a wish upon the Tree of Wishes.

He kindly explained, “It is a magical tree, indeed. The seeker must make his way through the labyrinth – walking while in a state of prayer. For this would be the only way to make it safely, Dearie.”

“Once you’ve arrived,” he whispered, drawing closer to me, “Touch the tree and lay your wish upon the bark. The wish will travel to the roots of the tree where the Counsel of Fae will determine if they shall grant the wish. If they determine they will, they send the wish back up the tree and when the moon casts it’s first light upon the branch, an explosion of light will occur. At that time, a star will shoot forth from the sky and *poof* your wish shall come to be.”

I bowed in deep gratitude and began my journey through the maze. I took great care to avoid disturbing the Troop Fairies procession but after careful consideration, I decided to follow behind as surely they were traveling to the Tree of Wishes as well.

It wasn’t long before I found myself standing before the great and mighty oak. I pressed my lips upon the bark and stretched my arms far and wide. I whispered my wish and felt the tree begin to vibrate with life.

I was overcome with emotion and felt a tear beginning to form. Suddenly, a Pixie Fairy appeared. She held a glass container almost as large as she.

Holding the vile just so, she captured my tear. Smiling, she said (in a sing-song voice that reminded me of chimes and bells), “Oh, Love, if I could be anything, I would be a tear- so I could be born in your eye, live on your cheek, and die on your lips…” And with the flick of the tiniest wand, glitter, and light…just like that she was gone…”

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