The Medicine of Nature

I want to talk about nature and how it always holds the medicine I need.
The other day I was rushing and running late and every driver on the road seemed that they, too, were grumpy and rushing. Cars were honking and cutting each other off. People were stopping 4 cars back from 4-way stops, just so they could go “first.” Others were being courteous and waving, “You go,” while another waved, “No, no, you go…” and other drivers sped ahead impatiently and out of turn with no time to waste on niceties…
I was in my car, contracting. Balling up in my solar plexus. Wanting to flip off or cuss out about 70% of traffic. I spilled my coffee. I just wanted to get to work and meditate before I got in an accident. I’ve been rear-ended twice in 2 months – neither time was I at fault…
I pulled up and stopped at the traffic light thinking, “For fucks sake, if they weren’t on their fucking phone, I would have made it through the fucking light!” 
And then I noticed this little guy.
He was trying, desperately, to get this tater-tot. And as I watched him, all of my anger and frustration seemed to dissipate. Within seconds, I went from angry to smiling to full on belly laughs.
The light turned green and he absolutely would not budge. He wanted his tater-tot, dammit!
I had no other choice but to inch forward, honking, while other cars honked at me to “hurry the fuck up.” He finally jumped to the side and let me pass, as well as the other cars, with a look of worry and horror as they drove over his precious piece of potato.
By the time I arrived at work, with 2 minutes to spare, I had a huge grin on my face thinking about this bird and his tater-tot and not one oz. of tension remained…
? From my morning wanderings
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