The Only Way Out is In

How many times have you laid your happiness in the hands of the exterior, given your power to another, or pulled open your flesh to bare blood and salt of tears amidst bone of ribs and heart of cage only to be left wanting, needing, gasping for life to resuscitate your soul?
Time and time again – feeling let down, disappointed, or abandoned?
The only way out is through – and that only comes from the empty pit full of darkness living and breathing and breeding and brooding inside of you. Only you can weave the magic to mend and sew and shine the light to renewal – to healing – to becoming whole. And that can only come once you have traced all the constellations and galaxies of your being – weaving a tapestry of gold and all the colors of the rainbow. Once you have dug deep – excavated and laid hands into the underbelly of darkness – the light will emerge. And you will be forever changed because of it…
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