The Priestess and The Nun

Inside of me live two women – they have been there for as long as I can recall. I don’t know when my soul fractured/fragmented, or if that is the case at all. It is the dualistic nature of SHE. The devil and angel on opposing shoulders. And it gets very confusing at times.

The Priestess knows the light, but prefers to work in the dark. She is medicine, mystic, sage, wild woman. It is She who runs with the wolves, howls with the moon, and dances in the forest after dark. She is catacombs, prisms, lavender, cypress, and spells. It is She that knows me and I find freedom in her embrace. 

The Nun, is righteous, holy indignation, and saint. It is She who holds the reigns most of the time. She is love, compassion, and judgement in one. She tells me good from bad, and right from wrong. She strokes my hair while whispering songs of purgatory and hell. It is She who taught me of guilt, shame, penance, and mortification of the flesh.

Somewhere in the midst of chaos with opposing forces – I decided to integrate. And it felt like death and destruction. The war has not yet been won, but as I delve deeper into the mysteries of my soul – I am finding The Priestess and Oracle feel more like home.

This part of me, The Nun wished to silence. But as I have gone on a journey of surrender and truth, I have also found self love and acceptance. Feelings that used to evade me. Courage, resilience, and confidence have taken the reigns and as I continue to uncover and excavate – I feel The Priestess emerging more and more.

I used to be afraid to talk about these things for fear of rejection or worse, people thinking I may be mad. I also deeply wanted to avoid confrontation and more conversations that would invoke The Nun – she is very critical, to say the least.

As I have just been reborn (once more) through chrysalis – death and rebirth – I am feeling called to return to the teachings of the mysteries – something I have stepped away from for some time now. And with this, I now have a greater knowledge and understanding of healing, coaching, creation, and so much more. Combined with the teachings of She – I am feeling the power of Her unfolding in the depths of my soul.

I am not meant to lead and teach and emulate those I look up to and respect and admire. I have been brought to this time and place and been given the gifts of my own soul that I need to honor and work from. My work is changing and evolving – as am I. Change is in the air. Can you feel it?

My heart has been weighed against the feather and I am coming home.

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