The Sun of Dreams

I have been waking each morning from a dream and the past 2 mornings, I can literally only remember what happened immediately before becoming lucid. Which is a little frustrating but at the same time, I remember enough to know that something profound or healing took place while I slept – and maybe that is all I need to know.
Yesterday, I remember feeling “rushed” and said to *someone* (I cannot remember who), “I love you. I’m sorry but it’s time for me to go.” And I felt immediately pulled back into this dimension and woke up. I felt like I was pushed through one of those old banker tubes back into reality.
* Haha does anyone remember those banker tubes at the drive through windows or did I just severely age myself 🤣🤣🤣
This morning, I vaguely remembered reciting an incantation or protection spell. In my dream, I became somewhat *lucid* and remember thinking, “What was that? Where did that come from? And it rhymed 😜” though I had no recollection of what or who it was concerning or why I was reciting a protection spell (as that’s not really my thing in the waking world).
I fell back into full slumber (though I still cannot recall what I was dreaming about) and woke myself up loudly from what I can only assume was an unpleasant dream.
I pay close attention to my dreams because as Carl Jung once studied, these are glimpses into not only our own subconscious but also the unconscious of the collective.
After meditation, I decided to pull a card from my new ‘Crow Tarot’ deck. And I got the Sun. I’ll take it ☀️
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