Thirty-Nine Years in This Life

Life Lessons (Epiphanies after 39 years of living):

It is a good thing to become selfless.
It is a good thing to give of yourself in service to others.
It is not good to surrender your power: your thoughts and your will to another unless it be a Supreme Being.

Life is a balancing act: One must be humble- but not become a doormat. It is wisdom to know when to hold your tongue- self deprecating to bite your words when truth should be spoken.

You were designed and created for greatness. Stand in that honor and reclaim your power: your hopes, dreams, desires, and passion. Honor who you were meant to be and who you will one day become.

Standing in the light of your glory will be the greatest service you will ever render.

Follow your light- follow your intuition. Fuel your flame of purpose and set the whole world ablaze with your passion and your truth.

Remove obstacles and other’s shadows where you have been residing. Show your face to the sun to stand radiant before the cosmos. Slaughter all ego and malice and become as a child but with the wisdom of life.

Today, I reclaim my power as the Divine Feminine. I am an empath and a highly sentient being. But none should mistake my kindness for weakness as I am not a doormat nor am I a dumping ground.

My path is sacred and I honor all that is holy and hedonistic. For what is life without death? Yin without Yang? Shakti without Shiva?

I have called in the power of Kali and Durga. Together, we will rise and destroy all that is not truth. Today, will you join me and reclaim your power standing tall while remaining fluid?



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