Today, Choose Magic

What kind of magical life are you creating today? 
Magic is changing reality in accordance to comply with your will, your love and your imagination. And that’s what Creating Your Magical Life is all about. It’s about getting in touch with your highest self, your spirit, to create radical change in your life. It’s about using intention to manifest your desires.
We were born for greatness. We’re also destined to live sacred, fulfilling and magical lives full of miracles, meaning and beauty galore. The truth is that we could all use a little more magic in our daily lives and the more we invite magic in, the happier and more connected we are to our own inner wisdom and truth.
Think about those times when life simply felt magical.
It was easy, graceful and you probably had child-like wonder sparkling in your eyes.
Perhaps you even felt that everything was aligned perfectly for you by the cosmos and the twinkling stars winking down at you from the night sky made you feel present and deeply intertwined with the abundant flow of love and life.

Let’s look at 9 Ways to Invite More Magic Into our Lives.

1. Be open to miracles.
The more you open your heart and mind to the idea and possibility of miracles and magic happening, the easier it is for you to experience and receive them.
When you experience a miracle you are immediately accessing your highest self and truth. You are receiving guidance along your journey and simply being open to endless possibilities will allow amazing things to take place.
2. Play like a child.
Have you ever noticed how children see everything with new, hopeful eyes? Everything is miraculous and filled with wonder. Bring a fresh perspective to everything and EXCPECT magic to be waiting around every corner.
3. See beauty and wonder in all things.
Life is such a sacred journey. We get to experience, see, do, embody, be and have so many different things
We get to witness so much beauty and experience so much pleasure.
We get to live in a state of wonder as we access deeper levels within ourselves and transcend new levels simultaneously.
Whatever it is that you do, try to notice and honor the beauty, meaning and wonder in it. This will immediately uplift your spirit along with allowing magic to exist. Welcome magic into your life with arms wide open.
4. Engage in sacred rituals.
Rituals allow us to honor and celebrate activities or events that might normally be considered boring, unimportant or mundane.
They also allow us to amplify what is already celebrated. Turn something in your life into a ritual, a time for honoring yourself and let the magic seep in. Infuse your day with small rituals that are devoted to embracing love, miracles and magic!
5. Get creative.
Harnessing and utilizing your creative energy is a deeply transformative way to live a wondrous, magical life full of miracles and fun.
Tap into your creative side and craft something with your heart and hands. Build something. Paint, take photographs, mold clay or prepare a beautiful meal.
6. Spend time in nature.
Mother Nature is the most magical place of all, because she is everything.
– She is our entire existence.
– She is the hummingbird sipping nectar from a delicate flower.
– She is the wise, ancient redwoods standing tall and sturdy, deeply rooted into the flesh of the earth.
– She is the song of the wind as it carries leaves into the air, weaving them in and out of her powerful grip.
Explore Mother Nature and allow her to show you her magic.
7. Daydream.
Your dreams are the magical building blocks to creating your life. We are always multi-tasking and constantly chasing after these dreams, but do we ever allow ourselves to slow down and simply be with our dreams? Or to even run away with these thoughts in our heads?
Daydreaming gives you extra energy and allows you to explore even bigger and wilder desires in your mind!
8. Follow your heart.
Your heart is completely saturated with your truth, your wisdom and your desires. Therefore, following your heart is the only way.
When you honor your heart and you choose to follow the path divinely spread out before you, you are taking the way of magic and miracles. Listen in and hear what your heart has to say and then honor it completely.
9. Be the Alchemist of your life.
You are the creator of your life. It’s that simple. Your thoughts, desires and actions make up your entire existence.
If you want to transmute the mundane into gold, then you need to become the Alchemist of your life and use magic and wonder to turn your life into something sacred, precious and worthy of being gold.
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