So very recently my throat chakra has opened. The more in alignment I become with self, shadow, and Spirit – the more my truth wants to be shared. I used to hold back as to not create waves, because I didn’t want to upset/disrupt the status quo, and because deep down, I wanted everyone to like me.
The more healing I’ve done, the more my Higher Self says, “Fuck that! Make waves. Speak your truth. Stand in your power. Embody the truth of who you are. You are stardust, moonlight, forged from the constellations, and you are ‘The Magician’ (Carl Jung’s archetypes), and you don’t need everyone to like you.”
And so, that’s what I’ve been doing because I have committed my life to healing by any means necessary and living my life fully in partnership with Spirit.
But I’ve noticed in some ways, it’s creating a discord as I have been receiving messages and comments that quite literally have nothing to do with what I’ve actually posted. Some people have taken my words personally, projecting and assuming that the post was about them – others questioning my stance, my beliefs, and really trying to push my boundaries.
Here is what I have to say about that. Triggers can lead to deep healing and understanding and open communication and dialogue. Most of what I post is based on personal experience, something that triggered ME that I’m trying to work out (because I know that when I am triggered there is buried treasure waiting to be found – to be seen, to be loved, to be heard, and to be healed), a lesson I’ve learned, something I’m currently geeking out on, etc. Though I am an introvert, I live my life out loud. I am an open book. I learned a long time ago that the only person who can put me in a cage if iron and want and hurt and need is myself. So I refuse to fall into that trap. I live my life in wide open spaces.
If my posts trigger you, you can get upset, take it personally, go on a rant, or…
Open communication, stay curious, stay open, ask questions – and go within. Because I am just as open to learning from you as I hope you are from me. And yet, what I KNOW is that everything is truly an inside job.
Know this – if my post is about you, you will know as we will have already had a discussion about it. If that hasn’t happened, and it still feels like I’m calling you out (when I’m really not), that is an indication you need to do some inner work and healing. Also, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck – well then you need to take a look at yourself and your behavior because the message has clearly become a mirror you’re meant to gaze into. Because if it’s hitting you in the gut and you feel I’m speaking about you (when I’m not), then you need to look at why it would make you feel that way and why you would take what I say so personally.
One of the first books I read when I began my healing journey was ‘The Four Agreements.’ Here is a simplification of what those agreements are. I come back to these time and time again.
And if you feel me distancing myself from you for some reason, it’s likely that we are no longer an energetic match. It doesn’t have to be personal, or something to rage about – it simply means we’re no longer on the same frequency. Though I’ve been there, I have no tolerance for poor me victim-hood. If you’ve come to me for help but don’t want to hear what I have to say, get defensive, already know everything – then no, I’m not willing to invest more than maybe a reading and friendship from a distance. I am full of empathy and love but I will never feel sorry for you. Even Jesus said, “Pick up your bed and walk.” John 5. He didn’t say “you made your bed now lie in it.” He didn’t say “just lay there and feel sorry for yourself.” And I’m really passionate about this because of all I have endured and overcome in my life.
No it’s not a competition and all pain is relative. But do you remember the story of the man who felt sorry for himself because he had no shoes until he met the man who had no feet? Yeah. That.
And if you come to me wanting “training,” my time is worthy of an even exchange. So don’t hit me up asking to meet to learn from me, to have a free reading, etc. I’m just truly no longer willing to subjugate myself and my energy to those looking for handouts and freebies – because that isn’t an energetic match for me. I want to be surrounded by those committed to grow, to share, to have dialogue, those who remain curious and those who understand that I am not a doormat.
I do weekly forecasts as a free offering and share insights and information here freely. But if you want 1:1 work – that comes with a price. The most growth I ever had (and the biggest commitment I ever made to myself) came when I chose to invest in myself and in someone else’s time. I hope one day you see you are worthy of the same And I hope this clears up any misunderstandings…
📸 The Four Agreements
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