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I want real. I want raw. I want to see your vulnerability – not your staged highlighted reel.
I don’t want fancy words about how wonderful you are. Convince yourself as I already know you are made of magic and stars. I want to see you – the real you; naked. Not veiled behind certifications and degrees. Why are you hiding behind a mask of not good enough when wonders and miracles flow like rivers through your veins?
I want to taste your tears and walk in your darkness following the light of the moon. I want to feel the sun and vastness of depth tracing atlas and stars within your soul. I want to hear of the dragons you’ve slain as you’ve uncovered and unraveled the mystery that is you.
I embrace those who give me glimpses of where their mind goes when they go quiet – the private moments most rarely see. Those who touch the earth embracing the wisdom of their ancestors and knowing this life is for the dead just as much as it is for the living. I want to trace the lines you’ve left behind- deep crevices formed and forged by blood, sweat, and tears. I want to know what ghosts haunt you and that which you fear. Truth is a powerful ally – the weight of the sword too heavy for most to bare.
“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” – Anais Nin
? Jeremy Enecio
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