Whatever You’re Not Changing – You’re Choosing

TRIGGER WARNING: I’m about to get real and break shit down. Yeah. I’m in that kind of mood.
I woke up at 2am in a panic attack. Not fun. I stayed up til past 4:30am working with energy and meditating to move that stuck energy through my body – which seemed lodged in my heart – making it difficult to even breathe. Oddly, I am feeling the energies of Gaia deeply right now.
And I realized how much energy the Earth, herself, is trying to move. Need evidence? Look at all the recent earthquakes and flooding that’s currently happening. Mexico is currently getting snow…
And I’m not even covering astrology, the intense full moon energies, or the partial lunar eclipse. But here is what I know: Spirit isn’t fucking around anymore. And neither am I…
And while everything in my own life is feeling like a perfectly placed puzzle with all the pieces snapping into place, I have been picking up so much energy from others. So this morning I also worked on cord cutting.
It’s hard being an empath, but even more so, is being a physical empath. I am feeling EVERYTHING in my body. Unsettled arguments, triggers, tension, stress, things unspoken, people’s wounding, when someone’s words and actions are not matching their energy, and how so many are wanting others to take responsibility for their trauma and the odd energy of projection when in truth, that person is not the one who caused the trauma – but is somehow expected to placated and soothe when in reality that person needs to take responsibility for their own feelings and reactions. Hell for their own actions and choices that led them to where they are in the first place – which is exactly where they need to be to heal. And none of this is mine nor does it belong to me – so stop throwing your shit in my direction. #CodependentNoMore
I’ve committed to healing by any means necessary and I do my own Inner work diligently without vomiting and projecting it all on another. I am not your mother, your father, your baby mama, your baby daddy, your ego, your rapist, nor your abuser. Do your fucking work. I know how hard it is to spend time living within your own shadow. But I am also here to tell you it’s worth it.
It’s time to dust yourself off, stand tall, heal, and fucking RISE Stop looking for someone else to do the work for you. Stop looking to the external to validate you or give you worth. And for the love of all that is holy – strip away the masks. Because no matter your persona, I can see and feel the real you. I can smell your fear. Expand despite and because of and choose love anyway…
Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean that I won’t be there to support you or guide you. It means I can’t do the work for you. It means I’m not taking responsibility for your actions, choices, words, behavior, insecurities, and trauma because I am not the cause of it. It means either do your work, or stop complaining. Because whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing. YOU decide.
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