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Super Interesting! I highly recommend watching S4, Ep9 wherein they monitor Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry‘s brain as he’s doing a mediumship reading. I remember Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) also getting a brain scan back in 2017 while doing a channeled reading and the results were very similar.
This is where science is attempting to quantify Spirit. And while they still have no direct explanation for what’s happening, scientifically, they are able to witness their brain going into a sleep like trance state (as though they are asleep and dreaming) and yet they are wide awake and delivering messages. They used the term “hypnotic-ish” and Dr. Drew said that during the reading, he almost felt pulled into that exact same state. How amazing is that?!
How does one learn to go into trance “at will?” Well, my Spirit Fam, this is where having a regular meditation practice is sooooo important. It teaches us how to shut down *our brain activity* to fully tap into the Divine.
* I know – I know. We are often soooo resistant to meditation. But if you’re really wanting to tap in, tune in, and turn on Spirit communication, you’ll eventually need to find a practice that works for you. *
This is also why many of us use divination tools as it allows us to go into trance. For some this automatic writing, for Medicine Men & Women (Shamans) – it’s the heartbeat of the Mother Drum, for Tyler Henry it’s random scribbles, for some it’s looking into a crystal ball or obsidian mirror, or for me, personally, it’s usually tarot
Many times when we are first beginning our meditative journeys, we start with music or guided meditation. However, using many of these techniques still activates the “thinking” part of the brain. The best way is to eventually learn how to sit in the quiet. This is also where many of our clairaudient gifts really show up.
If you must listen to music to quiet your thoughts, your best bet is to either listen to shamanic drumming or binaural beats which activate the theta brain waves. Theta meditation produces brainwaves of a very low frequency – between 4 – 8 Hz. When you are in Theta meditation the low frequency theta waves in your brain can help produce intuition, creativity, strong emotional connections as well as lower your stress and anxiety.
[Listening To Smile has some amazing music for this, if you are interested]
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