Which Wolf Will You Feed

“Too many cling to the past (ideas, ideals, concepts, relationships, lifestyles, etc.) after they have evolved. These things may no longer have a place in their lives and no longer serve them. Yet, too often, one just can’t seem to let go.
When this happens and one has committed their life to Spirit and to heal by any means necessary (and even if we haven’t on a conscious level – make no mistake – Spirit is still working in your life and in your favor) Spirit will often intervene. And when we keep resisting and resisting, our lives may seem to get harder and harder and things fall apart until the world just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. And in our martyrdom and victim-hood, we lose sight of the fact that all we have to do is surrender and let go. Embrace our divinity and our power and show up in integrity. Room is being made for new things and new people (who ARE now an energetic match) to enter your life. But we humans can’t always see the bigger picture and often think we know better than Spirit…
We can know when this is happening as we feel anxious, we contract, we become wracked with guilt, panic, or anxiety, we obsess, we ruminate, we loop and spin – because we are out of alignment with our own souls evolutionary path.
Example: we cling to an old relationship that is over – that has been forced long past its expiration date. Why? Because we don’t want to let go of what was once comfortable. We don’t want to feel like we’ve abandoned another. We don’t want to feel abandoned. We don’t want to have to accept that we’ve been discarded. It brings up all those past wounds and hurts and traumas of I’m not good enough, I’m unlovable, I’m unworthy…
In those moments, ask yourself:
* Is it worth the pain the resistance is causing?
* What am I truly gaining by hanging on to something that wants to be freed?
* Is it more painful to hang on in desperation only to be reminded again and again that this is hurting us? Or to surrender, let go, and begin the real process of healing?
Healing is not an easy path. It is a process. It is a map to liberation. In the end, we heal and we become free. It allows the pain and the emotions to surface, to be seen, healed, and released.
Doesn’t that sound much more enjoyable (no matter how hard) than continuing to torture and torment ourselves day by day by playing small and allowing another to have that much power and control over you, your peace of mind, and your life?
Would you rather cling in desperation and feel the constraints of your life slowly suffocating your soul? Or surrender, let go, move on, and open the space for all the good things to enter?
At some point, you have to realize that there is always a choice. You are responsible for the quality of your own life. Your internal journey is your own.
And in the greater picture – by clinging to a relationship that has long past died – desperately trying to gain the love and approval of someone who no longer wants to participate – because you “love” them – is doing yourself and them a disservice. If you love them and they want out – let them go. Stop hindering your growth as well as their own.
And do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t love, value, respect, honor, and cherish you, anyway? That’s a form of masochism. Have some self respect And realize, you are causing your own suffering. They might be to “blame” but you keep going back for more – meaning at this point, it’s you, not them, that is causing your own pain.
If you can’t respect yourself, why would anyone else? We teach others how to treat us.
Happiness is truly an inside job. Codependency is no joke and is so dysfunctional on so many levels. You are worthy of having a love that is so deep and intimate – with someone who feels the same way and can reciprocate that love back to you.
What are you still clinging to that needs to be surrendered? What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? Which wolf are you going to feed?”
– Message from Annunatuk | Channeled by Mary Rogers Glowczwskie
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