Wolves Illuminate My Soul

I love this so much I have two wolves always standing guard around me in protection. One white, one black – Anuja and Jayate. One is Female, one is Male. One is from the heavens, one from the underworld. They are the perfect yin and yang.
While they are my animals in spirit, I feel them always near. They stand watch, fiercely – ferociously, while I walk between worlds. But they are also my comfort. There have been more times than I can count when I have felt lost, swallowed by sadness, or consumed by grief and they have curled around me as my loyal companions.
I sense them, I feel them, and I have lain amidst their fur. They have licked my tears and licked my wounds. They have reminded me time and time again that just because we can’t “see” something with our physical eyes, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. For I have felt their presence. I have felt their love. And I have heard them howl at the moon beckoning the light to illuminate my soul – time and time again…
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