Your Intuition is Your Soul’s Internal GPS

This guidance – the soul’s GPS – is available to us all, to help us to get to where we need to be.
And we are all born with the ‘software’ already installed in our GPS, along with a ‘destination’, which is essentially a loose roadmap of experiences, intentions, and lessons that our souls wish to have once we get here. (And this is something the soul puts in place before we even incarnate.)
And so we receive directions through this ‘GPS’:
– You’re going the wrong way!
– That road will take you the long way round, take this one instead.
– Keep going, you’re on the right track.
These directions come through our feelings, our thoughts, our visions, dreams, and even through song lyrics and the words other people say to us.
Co-creating with the Soul
But it’s not just about what your soul planned before you incarnated. Once you’re here in this experience, YOU also get to decide what you want for your life, and set an intention around that, and if it fits in with your soul’s intentions for the areas you have decided to grow in, in this lifetime, you can make it happen.
You, the human aspect, get to set your conscious intentions. And then your soul, being able to see more than you can, will direct you on how to get there through your intuition.
Be open to how your intentions will manifest. When asking for help in this way, we cannot be rigid – we need to be open to the strange and seemingly non-nonsensical impulses or guidance we may get. You may not understand now how the guidance you are getting will lead you to your goal – but you do not need to understand it yet. That is Spirit’s job.
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