You’ve Been Planted. Grow

My biggest lesson of 2019.
When you’re in complete alignment with non-attachment – this is where the light enters. This is when life becomes magical. We ebb and flow like the tide under the moon. The more we learn to seek inner peace, to be grounded, and follow the things that light our hearts and souls on fire – the more faith and trust we have – the more comfortable limbo and the vast unknown begins to change from a space of daunting wonder into an exciting adventure of wide open space. It’s taken me 42 years to get here. And I’ve never seen so much magic before! I feel like I can swim in the galaxy, touching stars while drinking liquid gold. I can brush against the veil and reach into the everlasting well of wisdom, wine, wildflowers, and saints. My heart beats to the rhythm of Gaia and my Ancestors dance in celebration…
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